Friday, February 25, 2011

Cocktails, Anyone?

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Continental Holiday Silkstone Barbie doll is ready for the cocktail hour in Mattel's vintage "Red Flare" velveteen coat with matching pillbox hat and envelope purse (1962-65).  It is the perfect compliment to "Silken Flame" reproduction dress by Mattel.  White gloves and pearls complete this classic ensemble. 

From Reproduction Booklet
"Luscious red velvet ensemble.  Flared coat with bell sleeves and white satin lining. Matching pillbox hat, handbag; long white gloves and red shoes. $3.00."

Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Christian Dior was the first to name the early evening frock a "cocktail" dress in the late 1940's and thus began a thriving market for cocktail specific fashions.  Here is Dior's "Pisanelle" cocktail ensemble from his fall/winter 1949-50 collection. The ensemble is navy and blue silk satin with navy silk velvet. Perhaps this was the inspiration for Mattel's "Red Flare" coat design a decade later?

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  1. Loving the combination! So the silkstone body can be fit in vintage repro's outfits?