Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Yourself a Halo!

In the 1940's women's hat styles were varied, from berets to turbans to tilt hats.  One popular style was the off-the-face or "halo" hat.  They were young, fresh and a perfect compliment for hairstyles with a center-part or pompadour ("Victory") rolls.  Sears advertised the "Hollywood Halo Hat" worn by Movie stars such as Loretta Young.  They proclaimed, "Yes!  You Can Wear These!", "Different, but definitely flattering!", and "Every New Dress Deserves a New Hat!".

The Chicago Mail Order Company, in their Fall/Winter 1941-42 catalog, declared:  "It's big hats for Fall ----not just for Summer!  Women love their Drama!" 

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Here are 2 Halo hats geared for Juniors.  The left hat is a kettle-style brim that can be worn either up or down.  It was available in a variety of colors such as Flag red, Black, Santos brown, Royal blue, and Chilean wine.  In 1941, the cost was .95 cents!  The hat on the right is a wool felt accented with a glitter-like gold star-spangled ribbon band that frames the face.  It came in Kelly green with luggage tan, Bright red with black, Black with red, Brown with kelly green, and Royal blue with navy.  The cost was $1.59.

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This Charmcraft, wool felt, kettle brim hat is accented with dramatic veiling and a big ribbon bow in the back.  In addition to all Black and all Brown, it was available in Flag red with a Black veil, Soldier Blue with Navy veil, and Chilean (dark) Wine with Navy veil.  The cost was $1.98.

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Genuine Mink tails highlight a wide V-cut through this unusual Halo brim.   Veiling bands tie the head-hugging crown and floats off in streamers in the back.  This dramatic wool felt hat was available in Black, Dark Brown, Soldier blue, Chilean wine, or Timber (dark) green; all with brown mink fur.  The cost was just $1.69.

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Halo hats are also a great way to update an old dress!  Case in point, a Couture Touch OOAK tweed halo hat and matching gauntlet gloves give a new look to Ashton Drake's "Dark Desire" black crepe dress.  I also added the lace jabot from "The Little Black Dress" ensemble. Fur from PD Root. Purse from Robert Tonner. My model is Ashton Drake's "Love at First Sight" Gene Marshall doll. 

So the next time you are in the market for a new hat, just Get Yourself a Halo!

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