Tuesday, September 26, 2017

An Updated Suit for the New Season

And a new personality to go with her new clothes achieved by a smart new coiffure.

Gene Marshall
A fresh look at an old yet favorite suit for those cool, crisp Autumn days ahead. "Reporter In Red" suit is from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection. Hat, belt, and jewels are from The Couture Touch. Scarf is from Mattel and gloves from D.A.E. Originals.  Hello Hollywood, Hello Gene Marshall is from Ashton Drake. Her new, curly coif is courtesy Monique's Brittany wig in Light Ginger, size 5-6.

Wigs along with other doll accessories are available to purchase at the Facets Boutique.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gene's Rejuvenating Day at the Salon

This is a story of a beautiful star saddened by her ever increasing sallow body. With options dwindling, what's a gal to do? A day at the salon for a body transplant might just be the answer.

Ready for her treatment to begin.
Photo courtesy History in Photos
Beginning the face softening procedure. 
Photo courtesy Mashable

And in no time, Miss Marshall emerges refreshed with a new and improved body. Not only does she look and move like a supermodel but even thinks she's a bit taller. And her skintone is just the way she likes it. Now she is off in search of the perfect fashion for her new look.

Charmed Traveler by D.A.E. Originals
Hat and belt are from The Couture Touch. Gloves and bracelet are from Ashton Drake. Shoes and "alligator" train case are from Robert Tonner. Circa late 1940's.

Feather in Her Hat from the Anne Harper Collection
by Robert Tonner
Jewels, gloves, and phone are from Ashton Drake. Circa 1940's.

A Woman of Means from Sandra Stillwell's Hollywood Ahoy Event
Hat is from The Couture Touch, fur from Mattel, and shoes from Robert Tonner.  Jewels and gloves are from Ashton Drake. Scottie dog is from PD Root. Circa 1930's.

Ahh...There is nothing like a day at the salon!
Photo by Nina Leen for Time.
Now she just needs some more clothes. Oh, wardrobe......


  • Essentially Gene Blush is from Integrity. (Photo courtesy Gene Marshall Wikia.) 
  • Miss Marshall's custom hairstyle is from Jim Gaddis.
  • Vita replacement body for Gene Marshall is from Horsman.