Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Ready for My Close-up

Monolithic Studio's resident jazz artist Miss Violet Waters celebrates the glamour of Hollywood and the Silver Screen in stunning Italian jewels and silk evening gown by Camilli De Bellis of Coverdolls.

Swingtime Serenade Violet Waters is from Ashton Drake.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter White from Bogue's Vogues

Spa Getaway Silkstone Barbie doll models an impeccably tailored, winter white, cashmere dress from the talented James Bogue of Bogue's Vogues. Topping the ensemble is a fabulous toque in black velveteen and satin. Shoes, gloves, bracelet, brooch, and hatbox are all from Mattel.

Click HERE to purchase the latest designs from Bogue's Vogues.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

And the Bride Wore.....a Suit

WWII Army couple
WWII history is filled with stories of romance surrounded by pain and suffering. In order to accommodate boyfriends that were coming home for a short leave, many women arranged wartime weddings within a few days. Frequently there was no time to get a traditional gown, and many women could not have afforded the rationing coupons needed for one. Suits were a popular and necessary source for the bride as they were already a wardrobe staple. They were often in subdued tones of grey, taupe, blue, green, and other neutral colors. They were worn with hats in a variety of shapes and styles including floral tilts, halos, and felt toppers accented with feathers, flowers, and veiling.

1940's Wedding couple

Early 1940's Wedding couple

The happy bride, groom & fabulous muff
Courtesy Ephemera Obscura on Etsy

Madra Lord as a 1943 war bride!?!  Only in the movies, my dear.

Monolithic Studio's film diva Miss Madra Lord makes a pensive war bride wearing Integrity's "Town and Country" taupe suit. The original buttons were replaced with beaded ones. Accessories include the wonderful 2-tone shoes from D.A.E. Originals, gloves and floral corsage from Ashton Drake, brooch and fur muff from Integrity.

Pool Pose Madra Lord from Integrity tops her suit with a delightful feathered hat from The Couture Touch. And tucked inside her muff....a prayer book.

Line drawing of a similar suit style for 1943 by
Pauline Weston Thomas courtesy

In warm weather, wartime brides often wore dresses instead of traditional suits. Two-piece dresses that looked like suits were a popular choice.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

My mom, on her wedding day in May 1944, wearing a blue 2-piece dress with black velvet epaulets.

Cyril and Winifred Kirk
September 9, 1940
Photo courtesy
Click HERE for a poignant short story archived on the BBC of Cyril and Winifred Kirk - A Wartime Wedding by their son, David Kirk.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Outrageous New Hat for Gene

The hat from Ashton Drake's "Goodbye New York" suit ensemble gets a dramatic, asymmetric, over-the-top restyle from The Couture Touch. The original fur has been replaced with the fur trim from Madra Lord's "A Woman for All Seasons" suit and the bow from Miss Marshall's "Press Conference" hat.  Gene's top is from "A Lady Knows", fur stole from Integrity's Marceline, and the necklace is from Madame Alexander.  Symphony in G Gene Marshall is from Ashton Drake.

Goodbye New York costume designed by
Doug James for Ashton Drake's Gene Marshall Collection.
Photo courtesy Gene Marshall