Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspirations: OOAK Artists

Thanks to local doll shows and publications such as Barbie Bazaar and Millers, I discovered a whole new world of doll collecting via the OOAK Artist.  In 1993, my Dad picked up a copy of the March/April issue of Barbie Bazaar magazine that featured an article about the OOAK creations of Chiemi Nakagawa.  I was excited to learn that there were other collectors doing what I was doing: designing, sewing, and creating for our Barbie dolls. Here are 3 of my favorite OOAK Artists:

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"Joshard Originals" is the combined talent of Joe Seminerio and Jeff Bouchard.  They specialize in retro 40's, 50's, and early 60's.  All of their timeless ensembles are masterfully accessorized with coordinating hats, purses, and jewelry.  Click here for Joshard Originals website  Photo Credits: Mattel's Holiday Hostess Barbie doll is wearing a suit and bracelet from "Joshard Originals". Hat from Ashton Drake, gloves and purse from Mattel.

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Inspired by vintage films and fashion designers such as Charles James and Edith Head, James Bogue of "Bogue's Vogues" creates 1950's glamour ensembles that are simple yet classic.  His elegant daywear and evening looks utilize beautiful fabrics, impeccable fit and workmanship.  Click here for Bogue's Vogues at Etsy  Photo Credits: Mattel's Fashion Editor Silkstone Barbie wears an iconic taffeta shirtwaist dress from "Bogue's Vogues". Hat from Mattel, purse from Integrity.

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Bradford Samuel pays homage to the classic 20th Century Haute Couture with his ensembles inspired by fashion greats such as Dior, Fath, and Balenciaga. His one-of-a-kind dolls capture the sophisticated and stylized look of iconic 50's models such as Dovima and Sunny Harnett. He shows a remarkable attention to historical detail and scale right down to the smallest accessory.  Photo Credits: OOAK dressed doll by Bradford Samuel.

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  1. I have never heard of Bradford Samuel. Two of my favorites are Matisse and Matthew Sutton. So much inspiration, even though I don't sew for Barbie.