Monday, July 29, 2013

Unusual Hats

Rounding out this month of fabulous hats are some rather unusual ones from the late thirties and mid-forties.

The Zipper Hat from Agnes, circa 1937

Hat from Madame le Monnier
Illustration by Pierre Mourgue, 1937

Schiaparelli hats, circa late 1930's
Perhaps none more unusual than Schiaparelli's iconic shoe hat featured in her Fall/Winter 1937-38 Collection.

Hat from Hattie Carnegie, 1944
Photo courtesy

High tricorn hat from Laddie Northridge
Circa 1945
Photo courtesy

Thursday, July 25, 2013

More Hat Tricks

A boucle hat, 2 ways.  Miss Gene Marshall shows how a quick change in the trim on a hat can achieve two different looks.  First, cabbage roses adorn the reshaped brim of a boucle halo hat, circa 1940's.  OOAK hat and matching gauntlet gloves are from The Couture Touch. Suit from Mark Middendorf.

Pure femme fatale!  A simple sleek feather changes the look of the same hat this time worn with the black crepe dress from "Dark Desire" accented with the lace jabot from "Little Black Dress".  Fur from PD Root, purse from Robert Tonner, hat and gloves from The Couture Touch.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Hat Patterns, 1940's

Nothing succeeds better than a new hat to lift your spirits and update your wardrobe.  For the budget conscious 1940's woman, the home sewing industry offered a variety of hat patterns to choose from.  Here's a sampling from the first half of the decade.

McCalls, Circa 1941

Simplicity, Circa 1943

Vogue, Circa 1943

Vogue, Circa 1940's

Clotilde Pattern, 1940
Here's a scan of a 1940 newspaper clipping from the Chicago Tribune for a chic Clotilde hat pattern that could be mail ordered for 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred - wrap it carefully), per the instructions!

Crochet Hat & Accessory Pattern, 1943
Knitting and crochet patterns were also popular during this time period.  Here is an Easy to make Hats, Scarves and Accessories crochet book published by The Spool Cotton Company, 1943.  You could purchase it for 10 cents. It included a variety of hat and snood styles along with scarves, gloves, and handbags to crochet.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1940's OOAK Hats

"Black Widow" Madra Lord

Miss Madra Lord wears a fanciful suede and tweed pillbox hat accented with a dramatic vintage bird.  Checked jacket from Ashton Drake's "Doing Her Part", lace blouse from "Hello Hollywood Hello", skirt from "Press Conference", fur and purse from PD Root. Hat and gloves from The Couture Touch.

Moss Rose Ivy Jordan
Director Ivy Jordan updates her classic blazer from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe collection with a smart topper from The Couture Touch.  The black suede asymmetric brim is accented with a beige straw crown and green vintage ribbon trim.  Blouse is from Bogue's Vogues, slacks from "Blonde Lace", and gloves from Integrity.  On the table: purse from the Star Wardrobe brown accessory set, hanky from Ashton Drake, compact and lipstick from Mattel. Table from CED.

Star Entrance Gene Marshall

Miss Gene Marshall looking chic in a molded wool felt turban accented with a "bakelite" button trim.  Black wool crepe draped dress borrowed from Integrity's Rich Girl Madra Lord, necklace from "Lunch at the Green Parrot" accented with a brooch from Robert Tonner.  Hat and leopard suede gloves are from The Couture Touch.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Hats: Late 1930's - mid 1940's

Rilla Marie Hat, Madison Ave., NY

Katz Exclusive Millinery, Chicago, IL

All hats are from my personal collection.  Mannequin from Decoeyes.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hat Tricks

Almost every woman has a few old hats lying around that she can't bear to part with and wishes she knew how to utilize them in a new way.  Miss Gene Marshall and Miss Madra Lord, stars of the miniature silver screen, have a few tricks up their sleeve and demonstrate how to update that favorite old hat.

"Symphony in G" Gene Marshall
Miss Marshall refreshes her red and black checked tilt hat from Ashton Drake's "Little Black Dress" ensemble with miniature millinery fruit and a feather tucked into the brim.  Top from "A Lady Knows", necklace from "Lunch at the Green Parrot".

"Fashion Plot" Gene Marshall

A chic turban can easily be made from a piece of fabric.  In this case, the tartan beret from a 14" Betsy McCall by Robert Tonner is folded, tucked and twisted into this delightful topper. Shirt from Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection, skirt from "Fashion Plot", vest from "Little Black Dress", and cigarette holder from Integrity.  Director's Chair is from Ashton Drake.

"Like A Fox" Madra Lord
Miss Lord takes her cue from the colors of Autumn for this fabulous Forties tilt hat.  The base of the hat is from Nouveau Hats by Sharon.  The original Victorian style trim has been replaced with vintage feathers and a miniature millinery flower bud.  "Reporter In Red" suit and fur are from Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Design: French Hats, 1937 - 1942

Hats by Suzy (L) & Louise Bourban (R), circa 1937
Illustration by Andre Dignimont

Rose Descat Hat, circa 1937
Illustration by Eduardo Benito

Hats by Suzy (L) & Agnes (R), circa 1939
Illustration by Carl "Eric" Erickson

Rose Valois Hat, circa 1939
Photo by Georges Saad

Louise Bourban Hat, circa 1940
Illustration by Schompre

Hats by Suzy, circa 1940
Illustration by Christian Berard

Caroline Reboux Hat, circa 1940
Photo by Andre Durst

Madame le Monnier Hat, circa 1941
Illustration by Leon Benigni

Hats by Agnes, Sygur, Colombier, Paulette, Suzy, Orcel, circa 1942
Illustration by Eduardo Benito

Source:  HPrints  This site is a treasure trove of vintage French advertisements and fashion illustrations from various French periodicals that date from 1900 to the 1990's.  These are all original prints available to purchase at reasonable prices and their inventory is updated frequently. Vintage prints are a great way to decorate home offices, doll or sewing rooms, guest bedrooms or bathrooms. I have added this link to my Vintage Design and Inspiration page above.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Shop Talk: Hats!

Rose Valois, Madame le Monnier, Madame Agnes at Longchamp racecourse
Paris, France  1943.  Author: Andre Zutstsa
Photo courtesy
So what are those three famous French milliners chatting about?  Why they're talking about the focus for July at The Couture Touch.  It's our favorite subject......Hats, glorious hats!!! Join us beginning Monday, July 8 for a month of just hats. The emphasis will be the late 1930's through the early 1940's.  Mondays are all about design inspirations, from vintage photos, illustrations, and patterns, along with more hats from my personal collection.  And of course, those fabulous miniature fashion doll divas from Monolithic Studios will be making appearances on Thursdays modeling their favorite hats from the workroom of The Couture Touch. The ladies and I look forward to seeing you.