Thursday, September 13, 2018

Two Little Tea-Timing Mannequins

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I adore vintage miniature mannequins.  It's perhaps why I was immediately taken with Ashton Drake's Gene Marshall line of fashion dolls.  They were and still are the perfect "mannequin" if you will, for those wonderful fashions of the early to mid-twentieth century.  I was delighted to find a copy of the April-May 1935 issue of Vogue Pattern Book where on the cover graced two marvelous miniature mannequins by Margit Nilsen dressed in miniature copies of Vogue patterns.

Credits:  Photo by Bruehl-Bourges.  Mannequins and setting are by Margit Nilsen.  Suit - Vogue 6904.  Bolero ensemble - Vogue 6910.  Hats were copied from Florence Reichman originals.

A press photo of Margit Nilsen with two of her amazing mannequins.  Circa 1938.

Fast forward to the 1940's where Monolithic Studios' rivals Gene Marshall and Madra Lord graciously come together to appear on the Aug-Sept 1943 cover of Vogue Pattern Book.

Credits:  Miss Lord's ensemble - Jacket, hat, gloves, and jewels are from The Couture Touch.  Skirt from Sandra Stillwell.  Scarf from Ashton Drake's Fit for a Queen.

Miss Marshall's costume - Dress from Bonnie and Blythe, handbag from So Evil My Love; both Ashton Drake.  Restyled Bonnie and Blythe hat, gloves, and belt are from The Couture Touch.  Bracelet and fur from Integrity.

Set - Sofa and coffee table are from Liz Cole for Retros.

Spotted in Manhattan Madra Lord and White Orchid Gene Marshall are from JamieShow.

Vogue Pattern Book is a Conde Nast Publication.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Are You Ready For Fall

A New Season.....A New Suit

In fact, a trio of distinctive suits updated just in time for those chilly days ahead.

Monolithic Studios' diva Madra Lord wears a re-imagined version of Gene Marshall's J'Adore suit.  The jacket buttons were changed and a black linen asymmetric band was added to the skirt hemline for a decidedly 1930's feel.  Hat, gloves, scarf, belt, and shoes are from The Couture Touch.  Brooch from Mattel.

Film star Gene Marshall tops Integrity's Suited for Fur with a marvelous topper from The Couture Touch.  Gloves are from Ashton Drake.  Handbag from Michael Scott.  The "fur" cuffs had been previously removed from the jacket for an earlier post.  They were left intact so they easily slide back on the sleeves.  Liberties were taken as to the placement.

Miss Lord accessorizes a versatile black suit with elegant brown tones for a smartly tailored look.  Suit, hat, belt, gloves, and scarf are from The Couture Touch.  Fur from miniature furrier to the stars PD Root.  Cigarette holder from Mystyna.


Siren in the Night Madra Lord, enhanced with an Integrity articulated body, is from Ashton Drake.

White Orchid and J'Adore Gene Marshall are from JamieShow.

C'est Moi Madra Lord is from Integrity.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Simply Magnetizing Idea

A brooch, often referred to as a pin, brings interest to a basic suit, dress, or even a muff.  In the 1940's, the brooch was meant to be worn at the center-front of the neckline.  Lapel ornaments were in the form of a pin, novelty clip, or pendant-type.

You can easily make your own unique brooch for a favorite fashion doll.  Old earrings, broken necklaces, and unusual buttons can be recycled for a distinctive look.  Antique malls, thrift stores, flea markets, and even the clearance jewelry section of your local department store can often yield interesting pieces.  Of course, my motto is to first shop your own jewelry box as I did for the following examples.

Madra Lord
A black onyx and "diamond" earring gives just the right amount of elegance to Miss Lord's garnet suit.

Gene Marshall
Even the modern earring lends itself perfectly to Miss Marshall's chic 1950's suit ensemble.

Components from a broken necklace add a touch of surrealism to a wool boucle muff.

Here's what you will need:

  • Magnets, 1/4" or smaller
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Wire cutters
  • Emery board
  • Safety glasses
  • Latex gloves

A Word of Caution:  

Be sure to carefully read any warnings on your package of magnets and adhesive before you purchase.

To convert an earring to a brooch: 

  1. Wearing safety glasses, remove the post with your wire cutters.  Smooth any sharpness with the fine side of an emery board. 
  2. To prepare the surface for the adhesive, lightly roughen the back of the earring with the emery board.  Wipe the surface clean before applying the glue. 
  3. Apply adhesive and attach a magnet.  Let dry according to package directions.  For better control, squeeze a small amount of glue onto a paper plate or a piece of foil.  Use the tip of a pin or toothpick to apply the glue to the back of the earring. 

Madra Lord
A colorful, jeweled button becomes the perfect accent for a luscious fur drape.

Spotted in Manhattan Madra Lord and J'Adore Gene Marshall are from Integrity.
Like A Fox Madra Lord is from Ashton Drake.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Fashion Editor

Always on the hunt for the latest designs, fashion editors are eager to select the finest from hundreds of garments shown to them.  Barbara Millicent Roberts, known simply in the industry as "Barbie", previews a stylish new suit ensemble perfect for those crisp days ahead.


Fashion Editor Silkstone Barbie is from Mattel.

Suit and handbag were a doll show find, designer unknown.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Color Me a Fashionable Autumn

The news from Paris.....Colorful, whimsical hats are all the rage and were prominently featured on the runways of the top fashion houses.

Join us as the original, iconic fashion model and her sophisticated Parisian counterpart add their own colorful twist to a fashionable fall wardrobe.

A Model Life Barbie
Barbie pairs black with contrasting bright colors that spell drama.  Dress and fur are from Dressmaker Details.  Purse from Madame Alexander.  Jewels and gloves are from Mattel.

Buenos Aires Victoire Roux
Victoire makes a strong fashion statement by mixing red with black and white houndstooth.  Jacket and gloves are from Mattel.  Necklace is from Randall Craig.  Bracelet from Joshard.  Earrings from Ashton Drake.  Skirt is from The Couture Touch.

Black and White Bathing Suit Barbie
Beige is ever so chic when paired with vivid touches.  Suit, handbag, and brooch are from Mattel.  Fur from PD Root.  Earrings from Integrity.  Gloves and bracelet are from The Couture Touch.


Silkstone Barbie is from Mattel.

Victoire Roux is from Integrity.

All hats and styling are from The Couture Touch.

Click HERE for instructions on making these Captivating Chenille Hats.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Captivating Chenille Hats

A new DIY project for fashion dolls.

Warning.....These delightfully whimsical hats are highly addictive.  Simple shaping of a chenille pipe cleaner and a little imaginative trimming can yield spectacular results.  Who knew a pipe cleaner could be so chic!

J'Adore Gene Marshall.  Suit from The Couture Touch.

"Haute Luxuries" Veronique Perrin.  Dress from Bogues Vogues.
 Purse from Mattel.

Black & White Bathing Suit Silkstone Barbie.  Fur from Integrity.

Click HERE for the tutorial which includes instructions for both 1:4 and 1:6 scale fashion dolls.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Summer Fresh Wardrobe Mix-Up

A palette of neutrals with a pop of color that's perfect for a day of shopping or sightseeing.

The top from Sandra Stillwell's Zoe suit ensemble pairs nicely with the billowing skirt from Ashton Drake's Love, Paris.  A turquoise scarf wrapped at the waist pulls the look together.  Black and white accessories finish this summer fresh outfit.

Additional Credits:

Hat and gloves are from Ashton Drake.
Scarf is from Integrity.
Handbag is from Hunter-Goldblatt Designs.
Jewels and styling are from The Couture Touch.

Pearls and Pink Ivy Jordan is from Integrity.