Monday, December 15, 2014

1940's Decorative Details: Applique Trim

Applique is formed by applying one layer of fabric, the applique, to the surface of another which is usually the garment section. An applique can be made of a variety of fabrics and designs or motifs. They can be bold and decorative or appear more subtle.

Miss Madra Lord
The clean lines of a classic, collar-less jacket is the perfect backdrop to showcase a pair of marvelous vintage appliques found at an antique clothing show and sale. A green suede and brown leather tilt topper, green suede gauntlet gloves, and a silk paisley shell complete the one-of-a-kind ensemble. In addition to using vintage appliques as trim for the jacket, a man's silk tie was used for the shell and trim on the hat. A woman's brown leather glove was used for the hat crown. The jacket "button" was originally part of some vintage trim.
Tip: Antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets are excellent sources for doll fabrics and trims. Vintage scarves, handkerchiefs, silk ties, leather gloves, as well as clothing make great fabric choices. Buttons, beads, fur, lace, appliques, and embroidered trim can often be salvaged from damaged clothing.

Miss Madra Lord
Ashton Drake's "Dark Desire" Madra Lord has been enhanced with an Integrity articulated body. Miss Lord's circa 1941 suit ensemble is from The Couture Touch. Cigarette holder is from Ashton Drake.

Vogue 7485
Miss Lord's jacket was made from Vogue pattern #7485. The jacket was lengthened and the front waistline dart eliminated. A street-length, slightly a-line skirt was added for a smart, daytime look.

Vogue 355, photo courtesy Genie Hillen
Vogue 7485 was based on this original Vogue Couturier Design sewing pattern from 1940/41.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Versatility by Design

How do you take a chic and sophisticated sheath to over-the-top drama suitable for a Hollywood diva?


Miss Madra Lord poses in a smart, slim-fitting, pink dress featuring contrast collar and cuffs. The dress was made from Vogue pattern #7382 by Diane on Whidbey Island. OOAK hat and ascot are from The Couture Touch. Fur muff and gloves are from Ashton Drake, shoes from Integrity.

Miss Gene Marshall makes a dramatic entrance wearing the same dress accented with flamboyant, detachable bows. OOAK hat and bow detailing are from The Couture Touch. Gloves and jewelry are from Ashton Drake.

Vogue 7382
The pattern for this circa 1950 dress includes 3 variations. Using the original pattern, the bows were drafted as a separate piece that could be tacked or pinned in place yet easily removable for added versatility. 

Pool Pose Madra Lord and Star Entrance Gene Marshall are from Integrity Toys.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy

Wishing you a Safe and Bountiful Holiday
filled with Family, Food, and Friends.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Now Is the Time for Prints

When your clothes suddenly look dreary. When you whimsically wish for a little color. Then the time is right to add a print dress to your Fall wardrobe.

Monolithic Studios' diva extraordinaire, Miss Madra Lord, asked (or rather demanded) her stylist design a new dress to wear with her favorite asymmetric suede and straw topper. And after all, a star has to look fashion-forward even on her day off. As luck would have it, a trip to the local fabric store yielded this delightful and perfectly scaled print fabric. Dress, suede gauntlet gloves, and topper are all from The Couture Touch. Fur muff and handbag are from PD Root. Metropolitan Madra Lord was a 2007 MetroDolls Exclusive dressed doll.

Early 1940's fabric advertisement

1940's fabric advertisement

During the 1940's, rayon was the fabric of choice and available in a wide variety of colors and designs. At just a few cents per yard, a woman could update her wardrobe with a stylish new dress.

The cost of Miss Lord's dress: $1.27   Even a diva can look smart on a dime!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Accessorizing the Little Black Suit

As with the little black dress, the basic black suit is a wardrobe staple that lends itself perfectly to accessorizing. Monolithic Studios' star Miss Gene Marshall demonstrates three ways to accessorize a classic wool suit, circa 1946. Move over black and white, the LBS gets ready for daytime drama in the rich shades of Autumn.

Brown and black is so chic ....especially when paired with a magnificent mauve high-crown asymmetric feathered topper for a distinctive daytime look. Brown suede gauntlet gloves and hat are from The Couture Touch. Scarf from Sandra Stillwell, fur-trimmed purse from PD Root, and cigarette holder from Mystyna.

A delightful floral hat dresses up the classic suit for late afternoon cocktails. Gauntlet gloves are from The Couture Touch, scarf from Mattel, fur and purse from PD Root. The hat, with the original veil removed, is from Ashton Drake's "First Stop Chicago" ensemble.

All lines point to high style courtesy of a dashing red wool felt hat paired with a coordinating ascot, both from The Couture Touch. Fur-trimmed gloves are from Ashton Drake, handbag from PD Root, shoes from Integrity.

Ashton Drake's "Symphony in G" Gene Marshall has been enhanced with an articulated body by Integrity.

Miss Marshall's black wool suit is a variation of Vince Nowell's HLAYG exclusive pattern, "Fan Club Meeting".

Monday, October 13, 2014

The News from Paris & Schiaparelli

The sharply angled silhouette....the spiral flounces wired to flare out....paired with the high severity of black silk illustrated by Eric for Vogue, October 1, 1948.

Madra Lord embraces the softer side of the new silhouette by pairing a knit bodysuit from Robert Tonner's Urban Sport fashion set from the Tyler Wentworth Collection with the plaid ruffled skirt from Integrity's Willow Madra Lord. Easy elegance for an evening out or at-home entertaining.

Ashton Drake's Black Widow Madra Lord has been enhanced with an articulated body from Integrity.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn, 1950

It's Time to Romance the Suit.

Two of my favorite styles....the fitted jacket with nipped-in waist and a belted jacket that features a dramatic peplum, both worn over a "pencil" slim skirt.  Elegant and sophisticated silhouettes for those cool days ahead.

Actress Gene Marshall wears the drama of a wool OOAK, belted, peplum jacket accented with over-sized pockets and button detailing from The Couture Touch. A wing collar and 3/4 length cuffed sleeves complete this chic ensemble. Muff from Mattel. J'Adore Gene Marshall wears her original black felt hat that has been restyled.

Ivy Jordan, renowned director for Monolithic Studios, dons a recreation of a Pierre Balmain suit by Debora West and styled by The Couture Touch. The double-breasted, fitted jacket features a funnel neckline with tucking detail. The sleeve can be worn as shown or folded back to reveal contrast pink cuffs. Miss Jordan accessorizes her suit with a dramatic black suede hat and coordinating color-blocked clutch, both from The Couture Touch. "Diamond" brooch from Facets by Marcia.

The suit was created based on this Studio Commissary header photo of a Pierre Balmain (1914-82) design. His designs echo his architectural background and tended to favor a narrow silhouette for his tailored suits.

Moss Rose Ivy Jordan is from Integrity.
J'Adore Gene Marshall is the FDQ Exclusive BJD from Mel Odom and JamieShow.