Monday, June 27, 2016

Madra Lord's 1932 Cover

Film star Madra Lord appears on the cover of the summer issue of Ladies' Home Journal wearing the delightful frock borrowed from Silhouette of the 1930's Zita Charles. Accessories include the gloves from Gene Marshall's Cherry Smash ensemble and a restyled hat from Mattel. C'est Moi Madra Lord, dress, gloves, and bracelet are all from Integrity. Necklace is from Ashton Drake.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Violet Sizzles in Summer Stock

Miss Violet Waters
Backstage at the rehearsal for her newest summer stock theater production, Monolithic Studios' resident jazz singer Violet Waters sizzles in a costume styled by The Couture Touch. Madra Lord's green top from Integrity's Stepping High Collection is layered over the versatile black sheath from Ashton Drake's Black Ribbon ensemble. Miss Lord's striped turban, also from the Stepping High Collection, is fashioned into a jaunty beret-style hat. Shoes were borrowed from Integrity's Olympia Gene Marshall. Gloves and corsage are from Ashton Drake. The re-coiffed Heat Wave Violet Waters is from Integrity.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Little Gray Jacket

Suited for Versatility.

Gray is neither black nor white, but a combination of the two. It's quietly elegant and sophisticated. Gray is a neutral and a perfect backdrop for unexpected pops of color such as red, turquoise, or violets. 

Ivy Jordan
Monolithic Studios' lady director Ivy Jordan looks smart in a soft palette of gray, taupe, and cream. The beautifully tailored gray jacket from Integrity's "Suited for Fur" ensemble has been updated by removing the lavender "mink" cuffs for maximum versatility. The jacket is paired with the houndstooth skirt from Ashton Drake's "Afternoon Off", blouse from Bogue's Vogues, and spectator shoes from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection. Additional accessories include a delightful felt topper and taupe suede gauntlet gloves from The Couture Touch. A chenille handbag and dramatic fur, both from Ashton Drake, complete the ensemble.  

Ivy Jordan
Miss Jordan changes the look of her suit ensemble by adding a black skirt, shoes, and purse from Sandra Stillwell, and a matching scarf from Mattel. Hat and pin are from The Couture Touch. Fur is borrowed from Integrity's "C'est Moi" Madra Lord, and gloves and bracelet are from Ashton Drake. 

Gene Marshall
The little gray jacket dresses up in dramatic fashion by reuniting it with its original dress and adding the turquoise scarf from Integrity's Swim-suited to a "T" costume. Hat, gloves, snakeskin belt, and earrings are all from The Couture Touch. Fur from miniature furrier PD Root, brooch from Integrity, and purse from Sandra Stillwell. 


Fashion and Color by Mary Garthe, Rockport Publishers, Inc. 1995.

Photo courtesy
The original "Suited for Fur" is from Integrity's 2007 Silver Screen Gene Marshall Collection.

Color Deal Ivy Jordan is from Integrity.
Blue Belle Gene Marshall, enhanced with an Integrity articulated body, is from Ashton Drake.

Monday, June 6, 2016

4 Make Do & Mend Ideas to Update The Little Black Dress

There's New Life in the Old Girl Yet! *

Madra Lord, circa 1943
Monolithic Studios' star Miss Madra Lord updates the basic black dress with a belted, blue and black herringbone wool jerkin. The mustard felt topper and matching black and mustard suede color-blocked gauntlet gloves provide a pop of color to this smart ensemble. OOAK jerkin, hat, and gloves are from The Couture Touch. Shoes and belt are from Integrity. Purse is from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection. Black Widow Madra Lord, enhanced with an Integrity articulated body, is from Ashton Drake. 

Australian Women's Weekly
 July 31, 1943
Here are 3 more ideas to transform a black dress by adding colorful add-on pieces. From left to right: A green bolero vest and matching waist-wrap and hat. A red collar overlay that is gathered in the front and secured with a matching belt; topped with a coordinating tilt hat. A bright yellow bolero with a yoke effect with matching hat and gloves.

Click HERE for more on the inspiration behind the original "Little Black Dress" costume designed by Tim Kennedy for Ashton Drake's 2000 Gene Marshall Collection.

* Excerpt from Make and Mend For Victory, Book No.S-10, The Spool Cotton Co., 1942.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Gene Marshall

Miss Marshall salutes the men and women who valiantly serve our country.

Queen of Hearts Gene Marshall wears the stylish dress from "My Hearts Song" accessorized with short black mesh gloves, and gold and pearl star jewelry; all from Ashton Drake. The delightful tilt hat is from The Couture Touch, and shoes are from Robert Tonner.

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Star's Wardrobe Make-Over

Gene Marshall, circa 1940's
Miss Marshall's brown and cream herringbone suit from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe Collection gets a marvelous make-over by removing the original fur collar and cuffs to reveal a sleek silhouette, perfect for accessorizing. The mother-of-pearl buttons were replaced with a delightful Bakelite button accent at the waist. Underneath a cream linen dickey maintains the clean line of this fabulous Forties suit. Fur drape is from miniature furrier PD Root. Handbag and gloves are from Ashton Drake. The crochet pin "corsage", earrings, and hat are from The Couture Touch.

Zita Charles models the original suit ensemble......

Zita Charles

Gene Marshall tops her "new" suit with the re-shaped and re-styled hat
from Madra Lord's "Top This" costume.

Sometimes inspiration for a make-over can come from a failed project. After successfully dyeing my original "Croquet, Anyone?" ensemble a charcoal grey, I purchased a second costume in order to dye it another color. The dress dyed beautifully; the jacket not so well. 

Gene Marshall
So why not make something new from something old. In this case, ripping apart the old jacket and making a pattern for a new one. The result gives this version of "Croquet, Anyone?" a smart new look. Fur from PD Root, hat from Ashton Drake's "Fashion Plot" ensemble, and gauntlet gloves from The Couture Touch.

Gene Marshall
Miss Marshall updates this versatile jacket by pairing it with the pinstriped shirt from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection and a black skirt from Sandra Stillwell. Fur is from Integrity, Black suede gauntlet gloves and felt hat are from The Couture Touch. Handbag and bracelet are from Ashton Drake.

The original circa 1941 "Croquet, Anyone?" ensemble was designed by Lynne Day for Ashton Drake's Gene Marshall Collection.

Miss Marshall and Miss Charles appear courtesy Monolithic Studios.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lucky is the Lady

Miss Madra Lord, circa 1940's

While taking a break from filming in Monte Carlo, Monolithic Studios' diva Madra Lord tries her luck at a casino wearing Gene Marshall's "Lucky Stripe" dress and making it her own. The original striped panel was removed and a belt and floral accent were added to highlight the asymmetric pleating. Black suede gauntlet gloves, a marvelous slouch hat, and sumptuous fur add drama to this 1940's ensemble. Additional accessories include a beaded drawstring bag from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection, and necklace/earring set from Ashton Drake. Gloves, hat and bracelet are from The Couture Touch. Fur from Hunter-Goldblatt. Metropolitan Madra Lord is from Integrity.

The original "Lucky Stripe" afternoon ensemble was designed by Tim Kennedy for Ashton Drake's 1999 Gene Marshall Collection. It was based on this 1946 Lucien Lelong dinner dress illustration by Rene Gruau.