Thursday, January 18, 2018

Allied Elegance

Gene Marshall, Circa 1944-45
Our favorite miniature Hollywood diva wears a delightfully patriotic frock inspired by the paper doll fashions of Danish artist Gerda Vinding.

Gerda Vinding (1921-1987)
Vinding created paper dolls during the 1940's focusing on young, career women such as nurses and office girls who also just happened to have the most fabulously glamorous wardrobe. Professional dressmakers even used her fashions as inspiration. Not only was she a talented artist, but a writer, director of a publishing house, and active in the Danish Resistance Movement during World War II.

Allied Elegance (1944-45)
The Allied Elegance paper doll set featured fashions representing the Allied countries during World War II including the USA, England, France, China, Norway, India, Sweden, Denmark, and the USSR. The countries national symbols were often incorporated in the designs.

Here are a few more favorites for your viewing enjoyment....

Model E

More fashions for Model E

Berit, Model D

Three more sensational outfits

Miss Gene Marshall
Costume Credits:  OOAK dress and gloves are from The Couture Touch. Doll, jewelry and handbag are from Ashton Drake. Straw hat is from Madame Alexander.

History of the Danish Paper Doll by Dorte Meiling Nielsen
The Nordic Museum
Johannes Paper Dolls

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

"Blue Parasol" Gene Marshall wearing Mme. Alexander.
Fur from Ashton Drake. Italian jewels from Camilli De Bellis of Coverdolls.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Spotted in a NY Art Gallery

Our favorite miniature Hollywood diva immortalized on canvas by a famous artist.

Gene Marshall abstract, circa 1940's.

Well in this case, the not so famous "artist" took a photo of Gene and used the tone curve adjustment in a basic photo editing program to "paint" Miss Marshall. The variations are endless. And you might just come up with something suitable for framing on your own "gallery" wall.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Versatile Perfect Gift

The dark green silk shantung suit from Gene Marshall's "The Perfect Gift" is surprisingly versatile. It can be belted, paired with a different skirt, and accessorized for a variety of looks. Here are three examples, two from the archives and one new....just in time for a Holiday lunch with the girls or last minute shopping to find; you guessed it....the perfect gift.

A suede topper and fabulous oxfords gives this suit panache.

A killer femme fatale look for Miss Marshall.

Black and white accessories add a touch of chic distinction.


Ashton Drake's "The Perfect Gift" was designed by Regina Ganem, Young Designer of America winner.

Filigree Gene Marshall (enhanced with an Integrity articulated body), and Love At First Sight Gene Marshall (restyled) are from Ashton Drake. White Orchid Gene Marshall is from JamieShow.

OOAK hats are from The Couture Touch.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Chic 1940's Accessories: Hat, Gloves, and a Gas Mask?

In 1939, Britain issued gas masks to civilians fearing the Germans would drop bombs containing toxic gas. Men, women, and children were encouraged to keep the masks with them at all times. Of course the resourceful 1940's woman needed a fashionable carrier for her mask.

For the knitter, a pattern for matching scarf, gloves, turban, and a gas-mask container.

From Women's Fair, two smart pattern styles to match your ensemble. Circa 1939.

Love this style from Ideal Home, 1941. Do I see a new handbag in Gene's future?

Thankfully, gas was never used against civilians in World War ll. For more on this fascinating subject, visit the following websites: Find My Past and Primary Homework Help.

The second and third photos are courtesy Vintage Chic.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Designer Influence

Fashion designers have often looked to Haute Couture for inspiration, and Gene Marshall's own designers were no exception. Her coveted wardrobe features nods to Christian Dior, Chanel, Pierre Balmain, Elsa Schiaparelli, Lucien Lelong, just to name a few.

The House of Patou provided the inspiration for Miss Marshall's stylish suit from Integrity's 2010 Stardust Convention Exclusive "Daily Threads" Gift Set. The milliners at The Couture Touch designed the smartly tailored felt hat to replace the original one. In addition a new belt was added and the jacket peplum was narrowed slightly. Fur muff is from Ashton Drake. Handbag is from an unknown designer.

A trio of Jean Patou ensembles. Photo courtesy Gene Marshall Fashion Sleuth

White Orchid Gene Marshall

And for you that can carry off melodrama....

Definitely not for the un-self-confident is this fuchsia felt hat worn with a reserved gray suit for a punch of color. Inspired by American apparel designer Sally Milgrim, the dramatic South American shaped hat was all the rage in the early 1940's.

Caribbean Kiss Gene Marshall
Suit and handbag are from Mark Middendorf. Fur is from Madame Alexander. Hat and gloves are from The Couture Touch. Scarf is from Ashton Drake, and bracelet is from Integrity.

Yellow felt from Milgrim. Photo by Luis Lemus for Vogue, 1941.
For more on Sally Milgrim, you may enjoy House of Milgrim from the archives.


White Orchid Gene Marshall is from JamieShow.
Caribbean Kiss (restyled) Gene Marshall is from Ashton Drake.