Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Snoods, Hoods, & Drapery

Gene Marshall
A beaded, knit beret functions beautifully as an elegant evening snood to complement Madra Lord's luscious "Jackpot" ensemble. Belle of the Ball Gene Marshall is from the 2001 Oil Baron's Ball Tulsa Gene convention. Jacket and earrings are from Ashton Drake. Beret/snood was purchased at a doll show.

Gene Marshall
Miss Marshall elevates the "Little Black Dress" to high drama with over-the-top accessorizing. Sandra Stillwell's "Cover Girl" hat gets the royal treatment with the addition of a merino wool jersey hood. The matching suede gauntlet gloves are a miniature replica of a pair in my collection. Fur from miniature furrier PD Root, purse from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection. Dress from Ashton Drake. Star Entrance Gene Marshall is from Integrity.

Madra Lord
Miss Lord is stepping out in ultimate de rigueur style to walk Fifi and Mitzi!  Her fabulous suit is accented with a bold drape of color. The platter hat from Sandra Stillwell's "Zoe" costume is updated with a royal blue, wool jersey scarf to match the suede gloves. Suit is from Robert Tonner's "Par Excellence" Brenda Starr ensemble. Booties, dogs, and chair are from Ashton Drake. Deep Rose Madra Lord is from Integrity's Stepping High Collection.

Vivian Leigh
The always stylish Miss Leigh combines a little drapery with a net snood to complement a smart fedora.

Even Rosie gets into the fashion fun with a warm knit hood.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

1940's Fashion: Real Women Inspiration

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

Hmm, do I see a recurring theme here?  From fabulous suits to fashionable hats!

Havana, Cuba 1946
Photo courtesy

And the real woman that inspires me every day... my mom.

Photographed by the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois.
March 1946.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snoods, Hoods, & Drapery

It's those little details that often set the tone for an outfit. From Pre-War drama to Post-War charm, Monolithic Studios' star Miss Gene Marshall shows her unique style with 1940's fashion details.

It's 1939 and the world is at the brink of war. Intrigue and espionage are in the air. Gene is ready with a dramatic ensemble featuring a hood that falls into draping at the neckline. Matching gauntlet gloves and a black felt tricorne hat complete the femme fatale look. Handbag is from an unknown designer. OOAK suit ensemble is from The Couture Touch. Star Entrance Gene Marshall is from Integrity.

Restaurant dining during the 1940's calls for a tailored, yet elegant and refined look. A rich silk velvet snood with matching gloves accent the beautifully detailed dress from Ashton Drake's "Lunch at the Green Parrot" Violet Waters costume. Snood, gloves, and belt are from The Couture Touch. Cuff bracelet is from Integrity. Fashion Plot Gene Marshall with restyled hair is from Ashton Drake.


Asymmetric styling through drapery was a popular feature in dresses during the 1940's. What better way to soften a tailored, fitted jacket than with a chiffon drape re-purposed from the FAO Schwarz Exclusive "Warmest Wishes" set. Jacket, handbag, and embroidered gloves are all from Ashton Drake. Shoes are from Integrity. Hat is from Mattel's "Publicity Tour". Skirt is from an early Gene convention suit ensemble. A re-coiffed Film Fatale Gene Marshall, enhanced with an articulated body from Integrity, is from Ashton Drake.

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Holiday Dress-Up Glamour

Vintage 1950's party photo courtesy Tiki Lounge Talk


What's a gal to wear to her next Holiday party?  


Santa Baby Gene Marshall
Film star Miss Gene Marshall updates A Touch of Hospitality cocktail ensemble by adding the "fur" cuffs from her Star Wardrobe Brown Herringbone suit. Fashion and jewels are from Ashton Drake. Cigarette holder is from Mystyna. Shadow Song Gene Marshall is from Integrity. Her re-styled coif is from The Couture Touch.

Thursday, December 8, 2016 Holiday Greeting Cards

Who doesn't love receiving and displaying those cherished Holiday cards. Since as early as the Victorian times, sending and receiving greeting cards has become as much a part of the Holiday tradition as the turkey and all the trimmings.

Here are some favorites.

Circa 1930's greeting card courtesy Violet's Vintage Vault

Circa 1940's

Norcross greeting card, circa 1950's
Circa 1960

Integrity's Buenos Aires Victoire Roux wears The Walking Suit from Mattel's Barbie Fashion Model Collection. Hat and jewelry from The Couture Touch. Handbag from Joshard. Wreath from Robert Tonner's Timy Kitty Collection.