Monday, May 27, 2013

Do Your Part

The stars of Monolithic Studios are doing their part for the war effort.  Whether it's entertaining the troops or volunteering for Civil Defense, Miss Gene Marshall and Miss Madra Lord do their part in style.

For the Boys.......

Gene Marshall delights the troops in "Pinque Passion", a daring evening gown from Ashton Drake.  A rose hair comb accents the waist.  Accessories include the long, blue gloves from "Gold Sensation", shoes from "Jazz Note", and jewelry from The Couture Touch.

A stunning "Destiny" Gene Marshall from Ashton Drake rolls her hair for Victory for this iconic 1940's hairstyle.

On the Home Front......

Madra Lord makes her rounds as a Civil Defense warden in a smart suit ensemble.  Jacket and Civil Defense armband from "Doing Her Part", skirt from "Daily Threads", blouse from "Hello Hollywood Hello", and fur from PD Root.  The gloves and restyled handbag are from Robert Tonner, shoes from Jennifer Sue.  OOAK hat from The Couture Touch.

1942 Civil Defense poster

Did you know......Gene Marshall was the first Civil Defense warden and posed for their recruitment poster.  Miniature poster from Ashton Drake's "Doing Her Part" suit ensemble.

Miss Lord is a repainted "First Encounter" Madra Lord from Ashton Drake (artist unknown).

Remembering all those who proudly serve our country.  
Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Star Hairdo

Monolithic Studio's iconic star Miss Gene Marshall is newly coiffed in a chic and sophisticated wig from the Monique Collection.  The Brittany wig is a short curly style available in several shades.  Miss Marshall chose Dark Brown, and softened and shaped the curls with a Barbie brush.  To complement her new hairstyle, Gene selects the navy satin dress from Madame Alexander's Grand Hotel topped with a luxurious fur cape from Affordable Designs.  OOAK hat and cigarette holder from The Couture Touch.  Jewelry and wig from Facets by Marcia.

Short curly/wavy hairstyles were all the rage in the 1930's.  And there were no shortage (excuse the pun) of Hollywood Stars that embraced the look.

Norma Shearer
Myrna Loy
Photo courtesy
Marsha Hunt
During the 1940's short curly hairstyles were in vogue particularly during the war years.  They were simple yet sophisticated and could easily go from wartime work to evening glamour.

Miss Marshall borrows Violet Water's fabulous 1940's style navy and white suit ensemble called "Mood Indigo" from the 2002 Ashton Drake Gene Marshall Collection.  Shoes are from Integrity.


Miss Marshall is "Phoenix" Gene Marshall by JAMIEshow.

Gene's Patio Set is from Ashton Drake.

Monday, May 20, 2013

An Unusual Beret of the 1930's

Illustration by Pierre Pages for French Vogue, 1936

Berets of the mid 1930's were not your typical style.  They were often twisted, folded, and angled as illustrated by this Louise Bourbon black felt beret with a whisper of fine veiling over the eyes.  Gene Marshall fans will note the fabulous black and white striped sleeves reminiscent of Miss Marshall's 2007 Rare Deal Convention outfit called "Dangerous Curves".

Source:  Hats in Vogue by Christina Probert

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The New Face of Gene

And she is Stunning!  The 2013 Idex Exclusive Phoenix Gene Marshall has arrived.  After much anticipation and savoring the marvelous photos posted of her on The Studio Commissary and Dolldom, I am thrilled to finally have her in the house.  And by the way, did I mention she is STUNNING!!!

Miss Marshall makes her debut in "Midnight Blossoms", a circa 1957 Madra Lord costume from Ashton Drake's 2002 Gene Marshall Collection.  The OOAK cocktail hat and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch.  Gene is wearing the black one-bun chignon rooted wig cap from JAMIEshow.

Miss Marshall wears the classic 1954 day suit, "Table for Two", designed by Jose Ferrand for the 2000 Gene Marshall Collection by Ashton Drake.  The shoes are from "Moments to Remember".

Here's Miss Marshall looking like she stepped off a page from her favorite fashion magazine wearing a chic 1950's day ensemble.  The blouse is from Bogue's Vogues, skirt from "Fashion Plot", hat from "Somewhere Summer", and umbrella from Fashion Boulevard.  A floral hair comb becomes a jabot at the neckline.

Stay Tuned.....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Molyneux, Spring 1940

L'Officiel, Paris
A Molyneux suit ensemble from his Spring, 1940 collection.  He featured suits with slim skirts, loose three-quarter length, squared shouldered jackets in a contrasting color accessorized with large, flat hats tilted to one side and architectural styled handbags.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monolithic Stars Go Vogue

For the first time, Monolithic Studios' film star rivals Miss Madra Lord and Miss Gene Marshall team for a Spring photo shoot for the iconic fashion magazine.  The ladies get to choose their favorite pieces showing their individual style.

Miss Lord is ready for her close-up in her favorite color, black.  The rose-trimmed black linen hat and lace gauntlet gloves are the perfect accent to the little black cocktail sheath from "Black Ribbon".  Hat is from "Little Blessings" and gloves are borrowed from "Ooh La La" Gene Marshall.  OOAK jewelry set is from an unknown artist.  Pool Pose Madra Lord is from Integrity.

Miss Marshall opts for a delightful Spring floral print sheath and matching stole from The Couture Touch.  Accessories include the dramatic black satin hat from "Lucky Stripe", marvelous appliqued pink gloves from "Night Memories", jewelry from D.A.E. Originals, shoes from Robert Tonner, and cigarette holder from Mystyna.  Cascade in Blue Gene Marshall is from Ashton Drake and has been enhanced with an Integrity articulated body.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1940's Stocking Style

In Great Britain during the early 1940's, women's stockings were in short supply and heavily rationed as silk and nylon production was diverted to the war effort.  As a result, women were forced to find alternative solutions to the stocking shortage.

Stitchcraft Knitting Pattern, Circa 1940's
Photo courtesy The Vintage Pattern Files
For the DIYers of the 1940's, pattern companies offered a variety of knitting patterns to make stockings as well as hats, gloves, and ankle socks.

Photo courtesy
A vintage Weldon Knitting Pattern for accessories that included instructions to make full-length stockings.

Veteran American film star, Miss Zita Charles, shows her support for the valiant women of Britain as well as her unique style by wearing knit stockings with her favorite suit ensemble. OOAK tilt hat and knit stockings are from The Couture Touch.  Suit, gloves, and fur muff are from the 2010 Stardust Gene Marshall Convention Gift Set titled "Daily Threads".  Shoes from Tonner.