Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monolithic Stars Model More 1950's Daywear

You may have noticed that my last few posts have focused on the 1950's. Obsessed you say? Definitely.....Magnificently! My passion for the fashions of the 1950's was recently renewed with the latest resin wonder from Mel Odom and JamieShow to enter my menagerie of miniature fashion doll mannequins: Spotted in Manhattan Madra Lord. Miss Lord along with her longtime rival J'Adore Gene Marshall embody the glamorous look and style of the 1950's. Here they are modeling two more costumes from the Monolithic Studios' vault.

Miss Marshall wears "Cocoa Crisp", the impeccably tailored suit from Integrity's 2007 Silver Screen Collection. The smart, fitted, two-piece suit features three-quarter length sleeves that flare over floral-embroidered white balloon cuffs. The felt hat was borrowed from Buenos Aires Victoire Roux.

Miss Lord looks delightfully coquettish in the teal dress from Integrity's Silhouette of the 1950's Ivy Jordan. Accessories include a lamp-shade style black straw hat from Mattel, earrings and gloves from Ashton Drake, and sunglasses from Retros by Liz Cole. The monogrammed straw bag was a favor from a Mel Odom Gene Event hosted by Gigi's Dolls in Chicago.

Vogue #S-4841 Special Design 1957
Integrity did a wonderful job recreating the details of this circa 1957 dress. Pattern illustration courtesy Wade Laboissonniere, "Blueprints of Fashion, Home Sewing Patterns of the 1950's".

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gene's New Hat

As Sandra Stillwell Presents opens her Toast of Manhattan event this weekend, Monolithic Studios' darling Miss Gene Marshall shops for a new hat for her favorite cocktail suit from Sandra's 2011 Golden Gate Glamour convention. Bandolier Morado is a luscious silk, tailored suit featuring alternating black and tonal lilac stripes. There was never any doubt that Miss Marshall would find the perfect hat: a delightful concoction of lilac and rose-colored flowers embellishing the little black matador-style hat from Ashton Drake's Song of Spain costume. Ole!

Additional costume credits: Muff from the 2005 Annual Gene Convention costume Lotta Moola, scarf from Robert Tonner's Cashmere Noir, and pin from Facets by Marcia's 2004 Hollywood Set. Black suede gauntlet gloves, bracelet, earrings, and re-styled hat are from The Couture Touch.

"Symphony in G" Gene Marshall is from Ashton Drake.