Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Detail: Pockets

Pockets come in many styles and shapes and can be pleated, gathered, trimmed with buttons, piping or top-stitched.  They are not only functional but give a professional touch to garments.  Pocket designs in the late 1930's and early 1940's ranged from utilitarian to decorative.  Recently I was browsing the André Fashion Studios website for inspiration and came across these fabulous designs.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


2000 Madra Lord Costume

Tim Kennedy designed this fabulous, over-the-top costume for Madra Lord for the film Somewhere Summer.  There are 3 pieces to the set:  a strapless pea-green dress with draping at the hips,  a separate blouse of white organdy with black polka dots and exaggerated sleeves, and a bolero-style vest.  Also included is a heart-shaped hat, a white with black dotted floral ornament, heart-shaped handbag, shoes, hosiery, jewelry, and a tiny stuffed "cocktail olive".

Fresh from the salon, "Film Fatale" Gene Marshall shows off this marvelous ensemble perfect for Spring 1952.  Shoes are borrowed from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection, and the OOAK cigarette holder is from The Couture Touch.

This heart shaped, off-the-face hat style is perfect for Gene's new hairdo.  Earrings are from Integrity.

"Heartless" Madra Lord costume and "Film Fatale" Gene Marshall are from Ashton Drake.  Gene's articulated body is from Integrity.  Backdrop from RaiHing

Monday, April 9, 2012

More Fabulous Finds from the Costume Vaults at Monolithic

Here's another peek inside Monolithic Studio's Costume Vault for some fabulous finds in 1940's daywear modeled by Miss Madra Lord and Miss Violet Waters.

"Flame" Madra Lord from Integrity's Stepping High Collection in "Jonquil Sass" from Robert Tonner's Monica Merrill series.  The classic styling of this coat and dress ensemble lends itself well to any era.  The addition of the fabulous black velveteen tilt hat from PD Root gives this costume a 1940's look.  The combination of yellow with the lush black fur collar and cuffs on the coat gives this ensemble a dramatic flair. I also love the unexpected black and white gingham lining.  The chain belt is actually part of the necklace from Ashton Drake's "Little Black Dress" ensemble, umbrella from Fashion Boulevard, shoes from Integrity.  The "telephone purse" was fashioned from a vintage pin. 

Unusual and dramatic hats were a hallmark of the late 1930's and early 1940's.  This fabulous tilt topper is made from wool felt and accented with a marvelous vintage feathered bird trim.  The hat, gauntlet gloves, and striped shell are from The Couture Touch.  The classic plaid jacket from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe Collection is paired with a black velveteen skirt from Bogue's Vogues.  Fur stole and purse are from PD Root.  Shoes from Robert Tonner.  Jewelry and cigarette holder are from Ashton Drake.  Modeling this stylish ensemble is "Siren in the Night" Madra Lord.

"Like A Fox" Madra Lord from Ashton Drake wears "Arrival at Port" a fabulous suit ensemble borrowed from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection.  Gloves are from Integrity, and jewelry from Ashton Drake.  Sorry Brenda....I think Madra is keeping this one!

A change of accessories gives this dress from Ashton Drake's "Warmest Wishes" a sophisticated edge.  The circa 1948, rust-colored, knit dress with teal chiffon cowl and matching hip drape was designed by Tim Kennedy.  I added the dramatic fur-trimmed hat, matching purse, and fur stole; all from PD Root.  The gloves and shoes are from Ashton Drake, the jewelry from Integrity.  Modeled by "Lunch at the Green Parrot" Violet Waters from Ashton Drake.

Additional Credits:
Click HERE to purchase PD Root's fabulous fur pieces.

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