Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hat Frenzy

Dramatic black felt toque hat with grey feathers and jersey drape, labeled Made in Los Angeles, paired with a blue wool suit from The Suit Salon at Marshall Fields, Chicago, Circa 1940's.

It's time to fall in love with hats all over again!  Take a trip across the country to find that perfect new hat.  We begin our journey in New York City for a glimpse at two famous hat spots.

A peek into the backstage workroom of the made-to-order hat department at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Designer Tatiana du Plessix directs the making of them.  Source: Vogue, 1948.

The made-to-order hat salon at Bergdorf Goodman.  Source:  Vogue, 1948.

Designed by Brandt, New York


Mid-forties cloche

The Dayton Company, Minneapolis

All hats and apparel are from my personal collection.  Mannequin heads are from Deco-eyes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons

Here's a great tutorial on making those tiny craft buttons perfect for the 16 inch fashion doll by Martha Boers of Antique Lilac.  Just click on the link at the bottom of the photo.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well Hello, SPRING

Photo by Joffe-Vogue Studios for Revlon, 1949
Fabulous hat & costume by John Frederics
Jewels by Harry Winston

Monday, March 18, 2013

Signs of Spring.....

A Floral Hat.  Fashion Queen Barbie updates her classic "Commuter Set" suit ensemble with a delightful OOAK floral hat from Hunter-Goldblatt Designs.

Bright Color.  Debut Silkstone Barbie wears the chic satin swing coat from Integrity's "Final Cut Isha" Giftset, an FAO Exclusive.  Her matching hat has been restyled.

Spring Tweeds.  A restyled Trace of Lace Silkstone Barbie wears the beautifully tailored "Tweed Indeed" suit with an OOAK turban from The Couture Touch.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1950's Cocktail Chic

Madra Lord pulls together a chic cocktail dress from the Monolithic Studio's wardrobe vault. Beginning with the versatile black satin strapless sheath from "Black Ribbon", she adds the pink satin hip drape from "Moments to Remember" both from Ashton Drake.  The black scarf from Robert Tonner's "Cashmere Noir" is draped at the neckline.  To complete the ensemble: pink gloves from Robert Tonner's Theatre de la Mode Collection, shoes from Integrity, and pearl jewelry from Ashton Drake.  The OOAK feathered hat and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch.  The ultimate accessory?  A fabulous strawberry blonde "Johnny" wig from Monique.

Gene Marshall chooses an OOAK pink wool herringbone cocktail suit and matching hat from The Couture Touch.  Two "diamond" brooches accent the obi sash.  Additional accessories include pink gloves from Ashton Drake, shoes from Integrity, black velvet purse from Madame Alexander, and pearl necklace and bracelet set from D.A.E. Originals.  Gene's chic hairstyle is courtesy of a "Johnny" wig from Monique.

"Postcards from Cannes" Madra Lord and "Swim Suited to a T"  Gene Marshall are from Integrity.
The "Johnny" wig from Monique is available to purchase from Facets by Marcia

Thursday, March 7, 2013

To Belt or Not to Belt

That was the question posed by the editors of Vogue in the August 1, 1948 issue.  The box suit that could be worn two ways:  Belted or not.

Photo by Rawlings
Photo by Rawlings
Left: A black and beige wool tweed jacket over a slim black skirt.  Right: A red wool jacket over a black, long-sleeved dress.  Both by Adele Simpson and both included a belt.

The Couture Touch version of the box suit worn by Miss Gene Marshall.  The taupe tweed jacket is paired with my favorite black skirt from Ashton Drake's "Fashion Plot".  Walking stick from "Blonde Lace", gloves from Integrity, shoes from Jennifer Sue, bracelet from Ashton Drake, earrings and brooch from The Couture Touch.  The hat, labeled Nouvcau Nouveau Hats by Sharon, was a doll show find a few years ago and has been reworked.

The coat pattern from the 2000 Gene Convention Special by Perfect Patterns was shortened to jacket length for this version of the box jacket with flare at the hemline.  The neckline was reshaped and cuffs were added.  The pattern includes the delightful working welt pockets.

My model/muse is Ashton Drake's "Cascade in Blue" Gene Marshall enhanced with an Integrity articulated body.

Belted brown wool topcoat by Davidow, hat by Mr. John.  Photo by Rawlings for Vogue, September 1, 1949.

Miss Marshall wears The Couture Touch version of the belted jacket over a slim black linen skirt. Underneath is the black and white checked blouse from Integrity's "Gilty Girl" ensemble.   Accessories include a black and white boucle shawl, OOAK hat from Bogue's Vogues, bracelet and purse from Integrity, and gloves from Ashton Drake.

The covered buttons on the front of the jacket were made from a red/green/cream checked companion fabric.  I love how they turned out.  The belt buckle is from a vintage bracelet.  Jacket, skirt, belt, shawl, and earrings are all from The Couture Touch.  OOAK cigarette holder from Mystyna.  My model/muse is "Star Entrance" Gene Marshall from Integrity.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion News for 1947

The News:  Chin covering wrap-around cutaway in coffee-colored fleece lined with plaid.  By Ben Gershel.

The News:  Shawls over soft shoulders in tissue tweed suits by Adele Simpson.

The News:  Big bertha collar on a tweed stadium greatcoat.  Underneath a suit with plaid-topped dress.  By David Goodstein.

The News:  A back-swinging greatcoat, chin-collared to button as high as your nose.  By Nettie Rosenstein.

The News:  Front-pleated skirt and wind-sock neckpiece on a taffeta and wool suit.  Ben Reig design by Omar Kiam.

The News:  Lamp shade shapes.  Black wool Dinner Suit with cording rounding out the hem; a lamp-shade tulle and taffeta hat.  Hattie Carnegie.

Credits:  Illustrations by Rene Bouet-Willaumez (RBW) for Vogue July 15, 1947.