Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion News for 1947

The News:  Chin covering wrap-around cutaway in coffee-colored fleece lined with plaid.  By Ben Gershel.

The News:  Shawls over soft shoulders in tissue tweed suits by Adele Simpson.

The News:  Big bertha collar on a tweed stadium greatcoat.  Underneath a suit with plaid-topped dress.  By David Goodstein.

The News:  A back-swinging greatcoat, chin-collared to button as high as your nose.  By Nettie Rosenstein.

The News:  Front-pleated skirt and wind-sock neckpiece on a taffeta and wool suit.  Ben Reig design by Omar Kiam.

The News:  Lamp shade shapes.  Black wool Dinner Suit with cording rounding out the hem; a lamp-shade tulle and taffeta hat.  Hattie Carnegie.

Credits:  Illustrations by Rene Bouet-Willaumez (RBW) for Vogue July 15, 1947.

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