Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Striped Cocktail Suit

Monolithic Studios' diva Miss Madra Lord updates her favorite striped cocktail suit with a luxurious fur collar and matching hat.  Her fabulous oxford shoes are from Joe Tai.

The detachable fur "collar" and matching hat are from Ashton Drake's "Lotta Moola" costume created for Madra Lord for the 2005 Annual Gene Marshall Convention.  "Bandolier Morado" striped suit was created exclusively for the Golden Gate Glamour event by Sandra Stillwell.  I added a rhinestone button to the front of the jacket.  OOAK earrings and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch, purse from Madame Alexander.  "Flame" Madra Lord is from Integrity's Stepping High Collection.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ready for the Red Carpet

News Flash, Hollywood:  Miss Gene Marshall, Monolithic Studio's beloved film star, poses for our cameras as she heads out to the Academy Awards.  She is a stunning vision in the gown from Integrity's "Triumph".  Her personal stylist created a slim column with side fullness in the skirt to enhance the unusual shape of the peplum.  "Diamond" clips from Facets by Marcia were added to the corners of the pocket flaps.  Accessories include opera-length black gloves, cocktail hat, and "diamond" earrings from Ashton Drake.  The gold cuff bracelet from Integrity was enhanced with gemstones.  Lucite evening purse is from The Couture Touch.  "Cascade in Blue" Gene Marshall has been enhanced with an Integrity articulated body.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oscar Worthy Gowns, 1930's - 1950's

"Golden Gala" Madra Lord pairs an OOAK black wool crepe gown from The Couture Touch with the green sequin jacket from Integrity's "It's a Wrap" costume for an elegant and sophisticated evening ensemble.  Purse from PD Root, cigarette holder from Mystyna, shoes from Integrity.  Highlighting the plunging neckline is a "diamond" dress clip made from a pair of Facets by Marcia earrings.

"Sunset Serenade" Violet Waters pairs the top from D.A.E. Originals' "Star Maker" costume with the skirt from Ashton Drake's "Jackpot" evening suit for a drop dead gorgeous costume.  Fur from Dimitha, bird cocktail hat and cigarette holder from The Couture Touch, gloves from PD Root, jewelry and shoes from Integrity.

"Special Scene" Madra Lord accents the gown from "Dream Sequence" with the pink sash from Ashton Drake's "Moments to Remember".  Embroidered gloves from "Triumph" and jewelry from "Rondelet" complete the stunning evening ensemble.  "Dream Sequence", "Triumph", and "Rondelet" are all from Integrity.

Credits:  Monolithic Studios' stars Miss Madra Lord and Miss Violet Waters are from Integrity.  Telephone from Ashton Drake's "A Hot Day in Hollywood" Accessory Set, table from CED.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Leopard Luxury

The leopard print adds an air of exotic glamour and sophistication.  It's synonymous with wealth and luxury. Thought to be one of the first materials used for clothing, animal hides have been traced back to the time of the cavemen.  Throughout history, animal prints have been considered a sign of status.

Hollywood stars have long embraced the leopard print and helped set the trend for mainstream fashion.

Carol Lombard
Photo courtesy

Barbara Stanwyck
Photo courtesy

Irene Dunne
Photo courtesy

Joan Crawford, a repainted "Pin-Up" Gene Marshall (artist unknown), pairs leopard accessories with a  rich jewel-tone dress from D.A.E. Originals.  Hat, purse, and shoes from Fashion Boulevard, black scarf from Robert Tonner's "Cashmere Noir" Tyler Wentworth fashion, gloves from Ashton Drake, bracelet from Facets by Marcia, and belt from The Couture Touch.

Moss Rose Ivy Jordan
Monolithic Studio's director, Miss Ivy Jordan, shows you can mix your leopard with other patterns as long as the color tones are in the same family.  An OOAK leopard trimmed hat from The Couture Touch is paired with the plaid jacket and embroidered gloves from Ashton Drake's "Star Wardrobe Collection".  Lace blouse from "Blonde Lace", fur muff from "Dark Desire".

"Fascination" Violet Waters
Jazz singer, Miss Violet Waters, pulls together a fabulous Forties-style suit ensemble beginning with the leopard-trimmed jacket with matching gloves from D.A.E. Originals' "Business Call".  Additional pieces include the pinstriped shirt with attached tie (trimmed) from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection, pleated skirt from Ashton Drake's "Doing Her Part", hat from "Smart Set", and fur muff from "Dark Desire".  OOAK beaded earrings from The Couture Touch.

Source:  Animal Print, The Call of the Classic by Susanne Kathol exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring Forecast, 1939

Illustration by RBW for Vogue
Fabulous flared afternoon jacket over a slim skirt accompanied by a felt topper with masque veil and feather.  By Hattie Carnegie.

Illustration by RBW for Vogue
Two classic suits featuring high revers and hidden closures over plumb-straight skirts.  Suit on the right by Creed.  Hats by Descat.

Illustration by Eric for Vogue
Left:  Chanel velvet dinner dress accented with fabulous diamond stars.  Velvet hat with ostrich by Schiaparelli.  Right:  Lanvin quilted satin coat and muff, Reboux purple velvet hat with a fall of ostrich.

Illustration by Eric for Vogue
Hats to dramatize dinner costumes.  Left:  Turquoise and black plumed velvet pillbox by Suzy.  Molyneux crepe dress with turquoise bow.  Right:  A pyramid of orchids on a cap by Reboux.  Mainbocher lame dress and fox-trimmed cape.

Source:  February 15, 1939 issue of Vogue

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A French Inspired Cocktail Ensemble

Sometimes just combining pieces from a different costume can dramatically refresh the look of an ensemble.  The black taffeta cocktail dress from Ashton Drake's "Love After Hours" gets a new look utilizing pieces from the "Little Black Dress" costume.  I removed the original flowers from the dress and also the back "bustle" from the checked waist wrap.  The chin strap on the matching hat was tucked inside.  Underneath is the black slip from "Love, Paris".  Long black tricot gloves and black & gold jewelry complete the ensemble.  "On the Avenue" Gene Marshall is my model/muse.  Note:  I found this costume fits better on an Ashton Drake body.  

This little fashion drawing of a cocktail dress silhouette from the March 1949 issue of French Elle magazine was my inspiration. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Baby

Monolithic Studio's resident songstress, Miss Violet Waters, poses for a wardrobe test for a scene in her new musical "Winter Baby".  Violet's hat, skirt, and fur "collar" are all from Madra Lord's costume set, "A Woman for all Seasons".  The fur "collar" was removed from the original jacket and is shown here reversed, accented with a floral corsage.  The top and shoes are from "A Lady Knows" ensemble, fur trimmed gloves from "Blues in the Night", belt from The Couture Touch, and fur muff from "Sparkling Sepia".

Credits:   "Sunset Serenade" Violet Waters is from Integrity.  Costumes:  "A Woman for all Seasons", "A Lady Knows", and "Blues in the Night" are from Ashton Drake, "Sparkling Sepia" from Integrity.  Set:  Madra Lord's Director Chair is from Ashton Drake.  The Hollywood slate board is from a party store.