Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Baby

Monolithic Studio's resident songstress, Miss Violet Waters, poses for a wardrobe test for a scene in her new musical "Winter Baby".  Violet's hat, skirt, and fur "collar" are all from Madra Lord's costume set, "A Woman for all Seasons".  The fur "collar" was removed from the original jacket and is shown here reversed, accented with a floral corsage.  The top and shoes are from "A Lady Knows" ensemble, fur trimmed gloves from "Blues in the Night", belt from The Couture Touch, and fur muff from "Sparkling Sepia".

Credits:   "Sunset Serenade" Violet Waters is from Integrity.  Costumes:  "A Woman for all Seasons", "A Lady Knows", and "Blues in the Night" are from Ashton Drake, "Sparkling Sepia" from Integrity.  Set:  Madra Lord's Director Chair is from Ashton Drake.  The Hollywood slate board is from a party store.


  1. Hi Melissa! Fantastic pairings! Wonderful styling! Great backdrop and props!!! Love it all!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jael. This gal looks fabulous in just about anything! She is my favorite Violet. Melissa