Monday, July 8, 2013

Vintage Design: French Hats, 1937 - 1942

Hats by Suzy (L) & Louise Bourban (R), circa 1937
Illustration by Andre Dignimont

Rose Descat Hat, circa 1937
Illustration by Eduardo Benito

Hats by Suzy (L) & Agnes (R), circa 1939
Illustration by Carl "Eric" Erickson

Rose Valois Hat, circa 1939
Photo by Georges Saad

Louise Bourban Hat, circa 1940
Illustration by Schompre

Hats by Suzy, circa 1940
Illustration by Christian Berard

Caroline Reboux Hat, circa 1940
Photo by Andre Durst

Madame le Monnier Hat, circa 1941
Illustration by Leon Benigni

Hats by Agnes, Sygur, Colombier, Paulette, Suzy, Orcel, circa 1942
Illustration by Eduardo Benito

Source:  HPrints  This site is a treasure trove of vintage French advertisements and fashion illustrations from various French periodicals that date from 1900 to the 1990's.  These are all original prints available to purchase at reasonable prices and their inventory is updated frequently. Vintage prints are a great way to decorate home offices, doll or sewing rooms, guest bedrooms or bathrooms. I have added this link to my Vintage Design and Inspiration page above.  Enjoy!

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