Monday, July 1, 2013

Shop Talk: Hats!

Rose Valois, Madame le Monnier, Madame Agnes at Longchamp racecourse
Paris, France  1943.  Author: Andre Zutstsa
Photo courtesy
So what are those three famous French milliners chatting about?  Why they're talking about the focus for July at The Couture Touch.  It's our favorite subject......Hats, glorious hats!!! Join us beginning Monday, July 8 for a month of just hats. The emphasis will be the late 1930's through the early 1940's.  Mondays are all about design inspirations, from vintage photos, illustrations, and patterns, along with more hats from my personal collection.  And of course, those fabulous miniature fashion doll divas from Monolithic Studios will be making appearances on Thursdays modeling their favorite hats from the workroom of The Couture Touch. The ladies and I look forward to seeing you.


  1. I am looking forward for seeing you and your beautiful, very fashionable miniature ladies :)