Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time Travel, In Tweed

How do you change the look of a suit from one era to another?  Add a belt, a couple of buttons, and a longer length skirt; and you have now taken a circa 1948 suit back to the late 1930's.  Ashton Drake's "Travel In Tweed" suit ensemble originally designed for the Gene Marshall Collection by Lynne Day is a classic late 40's, early 50's suit style.  Simply by belting it and adding buttons to the pockets changes the dynamics.  I paired the jacket with the skirt from Madame Alexander's Aunt Amanda Fairchild suit. The fabric is identical.  A fabulous OOAK wool felt hat and fur jabot and the original cape complete the look. The gloves are from "Goodbye New York", and the shoes are from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection.  The train case is from "Travel In Tweed".

"Symphony in G" Gene Marshall looks smashing in the OOAK red wool felt hat and fur jabot from The Couture Touch.  The buttons were loosely sewn on the pocket flaps so they can easily be removed in order to return the jacket to it's original style.  Another tip is to bring the lapels closer together and secure with a straight pin.

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  1. Incredibly clever as usual, Melissa! I have the MA suit, gosh, I guess I need to find the AD suit too! Simple fantastic! Would you be compelled to create hats and sell them to your dearest fans? Like me??? Megin