Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fur Glamour

Monolithic star, Miss Gene Marshall, poses for a publicity photo wearing Adrian's "A Woman of Means" jacket from the 1934 film Chained accessorized with dramatic fur.  The fabulous hat and shoulder accents are from Madame Alexander's "Houndstooth" Cissette.  Cigarette holder from The Couture Touch.  Jacket from Sandra Stillwell.  "Marceline" Gene Marshall is from Integrity.

My inspiration for this photo shoot were two Travis Banton costumes designed for Marlene Dietrich.

Scarlet Empress, 1934
Photo courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Desire, 1936
Travis Banton, chief costume designer for Paramount, was probably the most sought-after designer of his era and best known for shaping the style of such icons as Marlene Dietrich.  His designs were deceptively simple yet expertly cut, often on the bias, and enhanced with luxurious fabrics and extravagant decorations such as fur, feathers, and beading.