Friday, January 18, 2013

Dream Sequence Transformation

Madra Lord's costume "Dream Sequence", a black lace hooded gown from the 2007 Rare Deal Gene Marshall Convention is transformed into a striking tunic, circa 1936.  Underneath is the gold satin slip from The Jeweled Cat Madra.  Accessories include the black lace gauntlet gloves from Ooh La La, the belt from Madame Alexander's Betrayal gown, and gold strappy shoes from Robert Tonner (not shown).  To achieve the look, I removed the original black satin under dress and shortened the lace gown approximately 4.5 inches.  A matching lace flower adorns the shoulder.

A repainted "First Encounter" Madra Lord (artist unknown) is ready to make her grand entrance in the under dress from "Dream Sequence" paired with the long, sheer jacket from "Black Ribbon".  Black gloves and the hat from "Little Black Dress", all by Ashton Drake, complete the dramatic evening ensemble.

The Original "Dream Sequence" Madra Lord
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  1. So ingenious ….I love your ability to style outfits. Nicely done.

  2. Very creative. And the cost of Dream Sequence goes up....

  3. Brilliant!!! You've taken a tragic Dream Sequence and made it a star!!! Stunning! Dang you, now I have to by Black Ribbon.....again! HEE!