Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tilt Hats, Part 2

I love this cover of the October 1940 issue of Vogue Pattern Book.  It shows a simple tilt hat with a sensational tailored suit.  I often use these vintage pattern books for research as they contain wonderful line drawings and are beautifully illustrated to show the entire look.

This color illustration from Vogue magazine shows 3 examples of different crown heights for Spring 1941.  All hats by Howard Hodge.  Tilt hats were the perfect accent for tailored suits, dresses, and coats.

This circa 1940's tri-color hat with brass nailheads features a twisted bandeau in the back.  From my private collection.

Aren't these pink ostrich feathers on this 40's felt topper fabulous?  It's labeled Dayton Co., Minneapolis. From my private collection.

Here is another example of a hat from the 40's meant to be worn toward the front and tilted to the side. Who can't resist black Persian lamb and an expertly placed feather?  From my private collection.

Integrity's Willow Madra is wearing a prototype ensemble called Golden Falcon.  I love the contrasting colors of the hat. The ensemble is circa 1940's.

Integrity's Ivy Jordan is wearing the revised version called Maltese Jaguar that now resides in a private collection, and graces my blog header.  The tilt hat is accented with a vintage bird and veiling.

Ashton Drake's Mel Loves Marsha Gene models Lunch at Delmonico's, an OOAK exclusive for MetroDolls. This late 30's suit ensemble features a stovetop style tilt hat. In a private collection. 

For your viewing enjoyment, be sure to click on any picture to enlarge.

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  1. These are fantastic Melissa - when will you have something for sale?