Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tilt Hats, Part 1

Tilt hats were seen in the late thirties often with a high crown and were designed to be worn either at an angle or perched toward the front of the head.  The early 40's saw tilt hats that were smaller in size and were referred to as "toy tilt hats".  Many had a "bandeau" or strap attached to the back of the hat to help secure it to the head.  Decorations ranged from a simple grosgrain band or single feather to the extreme with flowers, feathers, birds, fruit, and veiling.

This fabulous photo by George Platt Lynes appeared in the 1938 Vogue Autumn Forecast issue for furs and hats.  The wonderful lynx fur coat was from the fur salon at Marshall Field & Company, Chicago.  The marvelous Dache hat from the French Room.

This Rose Valois' topper of red felt banded with wide black grosgrain fashioned into a bow in the front was featured in a fashion spread called "Straightforward Paris Hats" from the 1939 Vogue Autumn Forecast issue for furs and hats. Photo by Horst.

A Suzy black felt with a satin ribbon snood accented with Mauboussin jewels. From "Straightforward Paris Hats", Vogue 1939 Autumn Forecast issue.  Photo by Horst.

I found this wonderful 1940's grey felt topper at a local thrift store. I love those tall, dramatic feathers. From my personal collection.

This red leather 1940's topper is labeled "Sunnycrest Original".  From my personal collection.

This late thirties OOAK topper was inspired by a hat worn by the villainess in a Sherlock Holmes film called "Dressed To Kill".

I made this tilt hat to go with Tonner's Brenda Starr, "Reporter In Red" suit. The bird and red veiling are vintage pieces.

One of my favorite Ashton Drake dolls, Top This Madra Lord. I did tweek the topper by removing the original veil and added the bird and vintage veiling. Fur by Dimithia.

Stay tuned for Part 2, More Tilt Hats. For your viewing enjoyment, be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge.

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  1. Wonderful hats. I'd love to learn the basics of hat making for dolls.