Monday, January 3, 2011

Persia Channels Dheei

From her elegant facial features to her high-fashion, European wardrobe, my fascination with Mdvanii by BillyBoy Toys has been unyielding.  Unfortunately she has also been unattainable.  Then I discovered Persia Idols by Darrell Wallace. These hand-made, resin dolls reminiscent of Mdvanii are miniature works of art.  Recently I was lucky enough to purchase one that resembles Mdvanii's best friend, Dheei.

I wanted an ensemble to compliment her gorgeous copper-colored eye shadow and prune-colored lips. Here she is in her first photo shoot in a royal blue wool jersey, form fitting sheath with the classic Mdvanii-style silk sash with matching pill-box hat and suede structured handbag.  OOAK ensemble from The Couture Touch. Necklace borrowed from the Gene Marshall Collection. [To increase the size of the pic, click on the photo.]

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