Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good-Bye New York

Photo courtesy Gene Marshall
In 1941, a beautiful young blonde (along with her childhood teddy bear) boarded a train to Hollywood wearing a smart two-piece, fur-trimmed suit. The original "Good-Bye New York" costume was designed by Doug James for Ashton Drake's 1995 Gene Marshall Collection. It included a matching fur-trimmed hat and muff, red jersey top and gloves, jewelry, hosiery, shoes, signature hat box, and teddy bear.

Monolithic Studios' Director Ivy Jordan
Different accessories transform the iconic travel suit in dramatic fashion. The original red jersey top was replaced with the scarf from Sandra Stillwell's "Lunch with Luciano" costume. OOAK topper and coordinating gloves are from The Couture Touch. Shoes are from Integrity.

Miss Ivy Jordan
More than any other fashion accessory, the hat has the ability to completely change the appearance of a garment.

Miss Gene Marshall
Miss Madra Lord

So what else was in style for 1941?

Photo courtesy
This vintage Finneys' Department Store ad that appeared in The Telegraph, an Australian newspaper, shows the wide variety of styles available in 1941. Illustrated from top to bottom: A navy felt with pheasant feather, a large-brimmed brown felt accented with white bows and bandeau, a jaunty black with leopard brim, a two-tone felt in black & kasha with veiling, a black halo, and a moss green felt with brown chenille veiling.

Gene Marshall

The models in order of appearance: 

Pearls and Pink Ivy Jordan courtesy Integrity.
Destiny Gene Marshall courtesy Ashton Drake.
Night Memories Madra Lord and Blue Belle Gene Marshall, both enhanced with Integrity articulated bodies, appear courtesy Ashton Drake.

OOAK hats and gloves are from The Couture Touch.

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