Thursday, March 9, 2017

Inspiring Paper Doll Fashions: 1940's

From Hollywood movie stars to the Sunday funnies, paper dolls and their fabulous fashions provide a great source of style inspiration. During last September's Milan Fashion Week, Moschino delighted patrons with a paper doll inspired fashion show, complete with human sized paper tabs.

(Picture: Estrop/Getty Images)

Judy Garland, circa 1940's, courtesy

Eleanor Parker, late 1940's, Dover

Miss Fury, 1942 courtesy gabipaperdolls
Miss Fury, aka Marla Drake, was an early comic book heroine created by
June Tarpe Mills. It ran from 1941 - 1952.

Tillie the Toiler was a newspaper comic strip created by
Russ Westover and ran from 1921 - 1959.

From the John Robert Powers Modeling Agency set of 6 models, early 1940's, designed by Ruth Wood.
#981 Whitman Publishing.
Courtesy Marges8's Blog

Ella's 1940's fashion courtesy gabipaperdolls.
I love how this one includes a change of hairstyles. Hmm...remind you of anyone?


  1. Wow there are some outfits in these photos that I would love to have for my dolls . I love Miss Fury.

    1. Wouldn't a Miss Fury doll be awesome! Thanks so much for your comment Don. Melissa