Thursday, October 6, 2016

Monolithic Studios Stars Raid WHOSE Closet?

Why 007 of course.....

Zita Charles
Somewhere along my travels across the web, I read where someone successfully used a Ken sewing pattern for Gene Marshall. Mattel's 2002 "James Bond 007 Ken & Barbie Gift Set" provided the costume department at Monolithic Studios a classic black gabardine jacket to add to their wardrobe. The fit was remarkably good. The sleeve length was a little short, but easily remedied with gloves. The back seam was tapered to the waist for a nipped in 1950's silhouette. The overlap at the jacket front was reversed and new buttons added. Paired with a black rayon faille slim skirt and a white satin top, the look is pure Hollywood daytime glamour.

Miss Zita Charles
Skirt & gloves are from The Couture Touch.
Top is from Sandra Stillwell's Zoe suit ensemble.
Fur is from miniature furrier PD Root.
Hat & purse are from Ashton Drake.
Brooch is from Mattel's Barbie Fashion Model Collection.
Azalea Ice Zita Charles is from Integrity.

Gene Marshall
Miss Gene Marshall
The versatile black suit goes from boardroom to cocktails with a change of accessories. The pink & black houndstooth hat/purse set and earrings are from Ashton Drake. Gloves and brooch are from Integrity. Scarf and fur stole are from Sandra Stillwell. Black suede hat is from The Couture Touch. Phoenix Gene Marshall is from JamieShow.

So if you are looking for a basic black jacket to add to your wardrobe, look no further than....
Bond.... James Bond.


  1. What an elegance, Like in real life. I am very impressed

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Anita! Melissa

  2. You have unlimited creativity and inspiration! Amazing transformation of Ken's jacket for Gene! Thanks so much for the idea to consider other size dolls clothing for Gene! Brilliant! Megin

    1. Thank you so much Megin! It's a wonderful obsession, isn't it? LOL. Melissa