Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gene Marshall: Star Extraordinaire

"But Don't Give Madra the Cold Shoulder"

"Monaco" Gene Marshall

"Close your eyes. A dream is about to come true." And with those words, a beautifully sculpted, miniature mannequin with stunning features and meticulous period hairstyles captivated my heart. And of course there was her enviable wardrobe, firmly rooted in Hollywood's Golden Age of the 1940's and 50's, that appealed to my love of vintage fashion. "In a place called Hollywood, a magical star was born." Gene Marshall made her first appearance in 1995. Twenty years later, she is still a Star Extraordinaire!

Gene Marshall

Miss Marshall, newly coiffed in a chic curly style, wears a stunning cocktail dress circa 1950's. "Blue Heaven" was designed by Lynne Day exclusively for Ashton Drake's 2001 Gene Marshall Collection. Fur is from Integrity.

Madra Lord

Inspired by the Hollywood stars of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's, Miss Lord burst upon the scene in 2000 as Gene's rival. Fabulous 1940's Victory rolls updates "Cold Shoulder" Madra Lord's bombshell evening look. Her lavender sheath was borrowed from Integrity's "Fringe Festival" Ivy Jordan, fur from Hunter-Goldblatt, and jewelry from StrayCat.


"Monaco" Gene Marshall (1995) and "Cold Shoulder" Madra Lord (2001) are from Mel Odom and Ashton Drake.

Quotes are excerpts from Ashton Drake's first direct mail campaign in 1995.