Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Montage", 1948

Suspense and intrigue in the world of art.

In this 1948 film noir classic, Gene Marshall stars as the glamorous owner of a renowned New York City art gallery who purchases a mysterious portrait painted by her father. Who are the shadowy figures now following her?  And who kidnapped her father?  Could all this intrigue be linked to the painting?

Gene Marshall
For her film role, Miss Marshall wears an updated version of Ashton Drake's "Secret Sleuth" costume. The cape was shortened and the shoulder seams were given a subtle reshaping. The dress was narrowed for a slimmer silhouette. A new hat and fur muff add drama to this chic ensemble. 

Gene Marshall
Credits: The marvelous, high crown black wool felt hat with contrast is from The Couture Touch. Fur is from Mattel. Shoes from D.A.E. Originals. The original "Secret Sleuth" was designed by Tim Kennedy, based on an authentic period design from Valentino's in Hollywood, CA. Cocoa Crisp Gene Marshall is from Integrity.


  1. Wonderful remake.. Always loved this fashion but not the hat... and now its stunning in all ways. Looking forward to the tutorial on how to make this hat...