Monday, June 24, 2013

Paris Hats, 1943

Bernard Blossac Illustrations, 1943

By 1944, women's hats in German occupied Paris became larger, taller, and more dramatic. While clothing was strictly rationed; hats however, could be made from a variety of unrationed materials and scraps.  Whether is was just a way to stay fashionable, express their individuality or identity, or just to keep up morale in the face of adversity, Paris women embraced these uniquely marvelous hat styles.

American film star, Miss Zita Charles shows her support for the brave women of Paris by wearing a fabulously dramatic hat from The Couture Touch.  The black wool suit with sequin trim is from Robert Tonner's Theatre de la Mode collection, Le Petit Ensemble Noir.  Lace trimmed blouse is from Ashton Drake's "Blonde Lace", leathette gloves from Integrity, purse from Madame Alexander, and earrings from The Couture Touch.  A restyled City Sleeker Zita Charles is from Integrity.

Traveling with Ms. Charles on this trip to Paris is the lovely Miss Gene Marshall.  In need of an appropriate hat to wear with her new jacket, Miss Marshall deftly restyles an old hat into a sensational topper.  The embroidered jacket and hat box from Robert Tonner's "Par Excellence" Brenda Starr ensemble is worn over the sheath from Integrity's "Cherry Smash" costume.  Fur from PD Root, walking stick from "Blonde Lace", and the hat is from "Black Ribbon".  Cascade in Blue Gene Marshall is enhanced with an Integrity articulated body.

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