Thursday, May 2, 2013

1940's Stocking Style

In Great Britain during the early 1940's, women's stockings were in short supply and heavily rationed as silk and nylon production was diverted to the war effort.  As a result, women were forced to find alternative solutions to the stocking shortage.

Stitchcraft Knitting Pattern, Circa 1940's
Photo courtesy The Vintage Pattern Files
For the DIYers of the 1940's, pattern companies offered a variety of knitting patterns to make stockings as well as hats, gloves, and ankle socks.

Photo courtesy
A vintage Weldon Knitting Pattern for accessories that included instructions to make full-length stockings.

Veteran American film star, Miss Zita Charles, shows her support for the valiant women of Britain as well as her unique style by wearing knit stockings with her favorite suit ensemble. OOAK tilt hat and knit stockings are from The Couture Touch.  Suit, gloves, and fur muff are from the 2010 Stardust Gene Marshall Convention Gift Set titled "Daily Threads".  Shoes from Tonner.

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