Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Evening Dresses, Mid-1940's

Nothing to wear to your next Holiday party?  Here are four elegant evening dresses from the mid-1940's to inspire you.

An elegant gown by Emmett Joyce, circa 1947.  Photo by Joffe for Vogue Studio.

Sophie Original dress with fabulous matching gloves.  The pure silk fabric is a Contemporary Artist Print from Onondaga Silk Company.  Circa 1947.  Sophie Original was designed by Sophie Gimbel.  She was a Sak's in-house ready-to-wear designer from 1931 - 1969.  She specialized in formal clothing for day and evening.

Another Sophie Original in yarn-dyed surah silk.  Note the matching gloves again.  Photo by Rawlings for Harper's Bazaar, 1946.

A Vogue Design for Dressmaking pattern # 6012 shown in a gorgeous silk nylon net.  Jewelry from the Petit Musee.  Photo by Horst for Vogue, 1947. 

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