Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas with Madra Lord - 1940's

Attending an art auction to benefit the Allied Relief Fund, Madra Lord shows her creative flair by pulling together pieces from the wardrobe department at Monolithic Studios for a relaxed yet elegant ensemble.  Her top is from "A Lady Knows", slacks from "Blonde Lace", hat from "Daily Threads", fur from "C'est Moi", purse from PD Root, shoes from Joe Tai, and gloves from The Couture Touch.  Miss Lord's necklace consists of two pearl necklaces layered together.

Madra Lord, "Flame" from Integrity's Stepping High Collection, re combs her bangs into a sleek rolled style to complement her fabulous new hat.

Madra's inspiration was this 1941 photo from Vogue Studios of a shirred print turban and matching half-moon bag.  Both made of brilliant blue, satin brocade in an antique Oriental pattern.  From the Millinery Shop of Talbert, Madison Ave.

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  1. I love your creative combination of outfit pieces! Fantastic! And your display is wonderful!