Monday, February 13, 2012

Fur Trimmed and Fabulous!

"Easy To Take"
Gene Marshall (Ashton Drake's "On the Avenue") in the velvet and fur-trimmed dress and capelet given as a souvenir at the 2004 Hollywood Memories Gene Convention.  It is a recreation of a costume worn by Marsha Hunt in the 1936 film "Easy To Take".  Shoes are borrowed from Integrity's "Marceline" Gene.  The OOAK hat and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch.

"Business Class"
Madra Lord (a restyled "Siren in the Night" by Ashton Drake) in D.A.E. Originals "Business Class", a leopard fur-trimmed suit ensemble, circa 1940's.  Embroidered gloves, shoes, and earrings are from Ashton Drake.  The OOAK hat is from The Couture Touch.

"Feather in Her Hat"
Metropolitan Madra Lord in "Feather in Her Hat" suit ensemble from The Ann Harper Collection by Robert Tonner.  Circa 1940's.  Love the unusual sleeve treatment of contrast fabric accented with bands of fur trim.  The fur muff from Ashton Drake's "Jackpot" and gloves from "Lotta Moola" Madra costumes are the perfect compliment to this stylish suit.  Earrings from The Couture Touch and bracelet from Facets by Marcia

Additional Credits:
CED Table
Phone and fan from Ashton Drake's "A Hot Day in Hollywood" Accessory Set
Leopard "statue" is actually a trinket box collectible from Hobby Lobby
Salon chair from Haute Doll
Backdrop from RaiHing

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