Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bandolier Morado

Bandolier Morado is a sumptuous silk, color-blocked cocktail suit created by Sandra Stillwell exclusively for her Golden Gate Glamour event that was held last year in San Francisco.  The event celebrated the iconic fashions of Balenciaga.  Although I wasn't able to attend, I was able to snag this stunning ensemble.  Here are two ways I styled the suit modeled by Integrity's Star Entrance Gene Marshall.

I created this look with a mixture of accessories original to the outfit and OOAK pieces.  The fabulous shoes, fur wrap, and gloves are original to Bandolier Morado.  The hat is from Bogue's Vogues, earrings and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch, evening clutch from Dressmaker Details, and the "corsage" was made from the floral hat that was included with Ashton Drake's "Little Black Dress" costume.  Not shown from the original accessories are the floral scarf and pleated bandeau hat.

I added the little black bows to the front of the jacket with tiny silk pins.  These pre-made bows are readily available at fabric or craft stores and come in several colors. 

Gene becomes a woman of mystery with a simple change of accessories.  Hat with attached scarf and fur muff are from Ashton Drake's "Dark Desire" costume, suede gauntlet gloves from The Couture Touch, and the pin is from Integrity's "Suited with Fur" ensemble.  "Diamond" bracelet from Ashton Drake.

Don't be afraid to mix and match accessories and wardrobe pieces from different outfits.  The possibilities are endless!  And be sure to visit Sandra Stillwell Presents to view and purchase goodies still available from her previous events. 

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    I love this suit...wish I could have gotten the red version...but it's sold out. boo hoo. Your clever styling of it is fantastic! Good advise to play and mix and match making old looks new and exciting. thanks for your great blog! Megin