Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dressed To Kill

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One of my favorite Sherlock Holmes film is "Dressed To Kill" (Universal, 1946) that featured Patricia Morison as the last villain encountered by Holmes (Basil Rathbone).  Because of her exotic looks, she was often cast as the femme fatale and sadly either starred in "B" movies or had smaller supporting roles.  However, she achieved her greatest success on the Broadway stage in Cole Porter's "Kiss Me, Kate" (1948).  The following photos of Patricia Morison are courtesy of FanPix.net.

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I just love this photo of Patricia and her mini me!   And that gets me to thinking, who is the greatest miniature femme fatale at Monolithic Studios?  Well, Miss Madra Lord, of course!

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 Ashton Drake's "Siren of the Night" Madra Lord (with a new hairstyle) is the ultimate femme fatale dressed to kill in "Le Petit Ensemble Noir" from Robert Tonner's Theatre de la Mode Collection.  The fabulous fur is borrowed from Greene and Lam's "A Woman of Means" Adrian-inspired suit.  OOAK hat, earrings, and cigarette holder are from The Couture Touch.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Noir

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This week's Femme Fatale is a seductive Lingerie Silkstone Barbie from Mattel's BFMC on loan to Monolithic Studios to star in "Bothwell Street".  For this scene, her black crepe sheath and fur stole are from the design studio of Dressmaker Details, hat borrowed from Mattel's Cruella de Vil's "Power in Pinstripes" ensemble, purse from Madame Alexander, and jewelry from Mattel. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Recipe for Glamour

For a vintage cocktail mixer:

Take 1 vintage reproduction Barbie doll
Add 1 vintage jacket
1 cocktail sheath
1  belt
1 pair gloves
1 purse
1 pair shoes
and a pinch of jewelry

Top with a cocktail hat......

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If you are like me, you probably have accumulated bits and pieces of vintage clothing with every intention of eventually completing an outfit.  Well why not mix some of those great vintage pieces with newer ones to create one of a kind ensembles.  Case in point, this fabulous mint Theatre Date (1963) emerald green satin jacket is layered over an early Integrity Candy doll black satin cocktail sheath.  The belt, gloves, shoes, and bracelet are all from Mattel.  The purse is from Integrity.  The OOAK necklace and earrings are from The Couture Touch.  The cocktail hat is from Dressmaker Details.  My stunning model is the vintage reproduction Barbie doll, Friday Night Date by Mattel. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Couture Barbie

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Blush definitely becomes her.  This striking African American Silkstone Barbie looks haute so couture in Mattel's Dior inspired cocktail dress "Blush Becomes Her" from the BFMC.  The marvelous marabou feather hat is from The Couture Touch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barbie by Joshard

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I just adore Joshard's interpretation of a vintage bubble-cut Barbie.  She has such attitude!  Here is a blond version in Mattel's Vera Wang.

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Joshard's sultry brunette bubble is stunning in Integrity's Midnight in Monaco Veronique Perrin beaded gown.  Genuine fur drape.

Click HERE for Joshard Original's website.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retro Chic Barbie

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Lingerie Silkstone Barbie from Mattel's BFMC looks dreamy in this vintage-inspired afternoon ensemble from Bogue's Vogues.  Throw pillows from Liz Cole/Retros.  Wall decor is actually a Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby.  Click HERE for Bogue's Vogues Etsy shop.

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Enchanted Evening vintage reproduction Barbie wears a black and white retro-print sheath from Diane Carino of DLC Creations.  The OOAK hat is from The Couture Touch.  Gloves, jewelry, and shoes are from Mattel.  Purse from Randall Craig.  Mel Odom's miniature artwork is from Ashton Drake's Gene Marshall Collection.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Queen Barbie

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Barbie proves she's the Queen of High Fashion in this elegant suit ensemble from Integrity's FAO Exclusive Set, Final Cut Isha.  The delightful OOAK hat and matching purse are from an unknown artist, the fur stole from PD Root. Scarf, gloves, and bracelet are from Mattel.  Earrings are from Ashton Drake and the pin from Madame Alexander.  The luggage set is from Integrity.

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This is Mattel's vintage reproduction of Fashion Queen Barbie.  Isn't she stunning!  I think her molded hair gives her a sophisticated look.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Noir

How to dress like a femme fatale.

Think old Hollywood glamour with a darkside.  Integrity's Shadow Song Gene Marshall looks sultry yet sophisticated in the impeccable cut, pinstriped, double-breasted suit from Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection.  Her fur wrap is borrowed from C'est Moi Madra Lord, and the dramatic hat from Ashton Drake's Fashion Plot (I added the feather accent).  Additional must-have accessories include "leather" gloves from Marceline by Integrity, purse from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe Black Accessory Set, and OOAK cigarette holder from The Couture Touch.  Table from CED.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Evil Queen Makes Her Hollywood Debut

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 Snow White's Evil Queen from Mattel's Great Villains Collection makes her glamorous Hollywood debut in the liquid silver lame gown from FAO's Silver Screen Barbie.  Her restyled hair brings out her Garbo-esque features.  The rhinestone "dress clips" were made from earrings from Facets by Marcia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Forecast 1939

Plaids mixed with solids for town, country, or spectator sports and topped off with the most fabulous hats:

Draped or shirred dresses with skirt fullness:

Which are your favorites?

Illustrations from Vogue, August 1939

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Forecast 1938

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Suzy's new slant on hats for Fall.  Smaller shapes perched smack over the forehead.  One is of draped velvet, the other of felt and wings.  Fox jackets by Paquin.  Illustration from Vogue, August 1, 1938.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Noir

It's Dangerous Curves ahead for the impetuous son of a prominent U.S. Senator, who is ensnared by a notorious gangster's floozy, gun-moll girlfriend.  This week's femme fatale is played to the hilt by "A Lady Knows" Gene Marshall from Ashton Drake.  Costume credits:  Dress from Integrity's "Dangerous Curves", fur borrowed from "Postcards from Cannes" Madra Lord by Integrity, hat from Greene & Lam's "A Woman of Means" suit ensemble, OOAK jewelry, gloves, and cig holder from The Couture Touch.

Publicity still for Gene Marshall in Dangerous Curves

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jewelry Designs by StrayCat

If you are a frequent visitor to The Studio Commissary Gene Marshall board, then you are familiar with the fabulous photos of Meg in Oregon aka StrayCat.  She creates delightful OOAK jewelry sets fit for a miniature Hollywood film star.  So pop over to The Studio Commissary and watch for her postings.  She frequently offers her jewelry sets for sale along with her signature "lucite" handbags.  And you know, a girl can't have too many accessories!

Cocoa Rose Gene Marshall models OOAK jewelry from StrayCat. Gown and wrap borrowed from Fringe Festival Ivy Jordan

Careless Kisses Madra Lord in OOAK jewelry from StrayCat. Turban and suit from D.A.E. Originals.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Forecast 1939

Photo by Horst for Vogue 1939

Leopard furnishes drama for this year's furs.  Russek's leopard jacket, belted with blue antelope and accessorized with matching hat and gloves.   Meow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekend Noir

Zita Charles is armed and dangerous and out to avenge her mother's murder.  This femme fatale (French for fatal or deadly woman) looks the part in the grey suit from Integrity's "Daily Threads Gift Set".  Her muff neatly conceals her gun (borrowed from Madame Alexander's Betrayal ensemble).  A must have for any femme fatale is a fabulous hat, this one borrowed from Ashton Drake's "Lucky Stripe".  Table from CED, telephone from Ashton Drake's "A Hot Day in Hollywood" accessory set, 1920's picture of Zita's look-alike mother from the Monolithic Press Archive Dossier Star File.  This week's femme fatale is City Sleeker Zita Charles from Integrity.

An old photo of Zita, circa 1940's

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dial N for Noir

What is Noir?  It's the French word for Black.  It's dark, mysterious, and moody with a distinctive visual style.  It's murder and mayhem, gangsters and detectives, and oh, yes......the femme fatale!

Publicity poster for "So Evil My Love" starring Rich Girl Madra Lord
Weekends in August are all about those 1940's femme fatales of Monolithic Studios with a special appearance from a sultry and Silkie Lingerie Model on loan from another studio.  Look for Weekend Noir every Saturday this month.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1950's Mannequin

Fashion magazines in the 1950's were looking for a sophisticated, aloof look that Dovima perfected.  She was the Supermodel of the 50's before the phrase "Supermodel" was even coined. 

Richard Avedon photo of Dovima for Harper's Bazaar

A recent post on The Studio Commissary about restyling Triumph Gene Marshall's hairstyle had me taking another look at this gorgeous doll from Integrity Toys.  I love her make-up and those fabulous eyebrows, so reminiscent of Dovima's 1950's signature look, but wasn't warming up to the original hairstyle. 

So here is Triumph Gene's new look modeling D.A.E. Original's Simply Boulevard dress.  The OOAK hat and belt are from The Couture Touch, jewelry from PD Root, shoes from Joe Tai, umbrella from Fashion Boulevard, and the muff from Ashton Drake's Dark Desire.  Table from CED.

Here's a closer look at that stunning face!  After releasing the original braids, I brushed her hair off her face and up in a slightly asymmetrical ponytail, then trimmed off the hair close to the rubber band.  Now she will be able to wear a variety of fabulous hats.  And who knows....now that Gene is retired from films, she may just become the next Supermodel.

Dovima paper doll by artist Gregg Nystom

Doesn't this illustration of Dovima bear a striking resemblance to Triumph Gene?  Click here to see more famous models from paper doll artist Gregg Nystrom.  He turns movie stars into paper dolls too.  Gregg Nystom's Paper Doll Website