Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1950's Mannequin

Fashion magazines in the 1950's were looking for a sophisticated, aloof look that Dovima perfected.  She was the Supermodel of the 50's before the phrase "Supermodel" was even coined. 

Richard Avedon photo of Dovima for Harper's Bazaar

A recent post on The Studio Commissary about restyling Triumph Gene Marshall's hairstyle had me taking another look at this gorgeous doll from Integrity Toys.  I love her make-up and those fabulous eyebrows, so reminiscent of Dovima's 1950's signature look, but wasn't warming up to the original hairstyle. 

So here is Triumph Gene's new look modeling D.A.E. Original's Simply Boulevard dress.  The OOAK hat and belt are from The Couture Touch, jewelry from PD Root, shoes from Joe Tai, umbrella from Fashion Boulevard, and the muff from Ashton Drake's Dark Desire.  Table from CED.

Here's a closer look at that stunning face!  After releasing the original braids, I brushed her hair off her face and up in a slightly asymmetrical ponytail, then trimmed off the hair close to the rubber band.  Now she will be able to wear a variety of fabulous hats.  And who knows....now that Gene is retired from films, she may just become the next Supermodel.

Dovima paper doll by artist Gregg Nystom

Doesn't this illustration of Dovima bear a striking resemblance to Triumph Gene?  Click here to see more famous models from paper doll artist Gregg Nystrom.  He turns movie stars into paper dolls too.  Gregg Nystom's Paper Doll Website


  1. Great styling as always; and that dress from D.A.E. is very cool!

  2. Thanks Dave. I love their early OOAK designs for Gene.