Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dior Wasp-Waist Dress

Two silhouettes dominated in the late 1940's:  The first consisted of a fitted bodice, relaxed shoulders, tight belted waist, and a longer billowing full skirt dubbed "The New Look".  The second differed only that the skirt was pencil slim with a vent or pleat to permit movement.  Both silhouettes accented Dior's corseted "wasp" waist.

This early 1950's Vogue photo by Irving Penn shows Dior's wasp-waist black satin dress.  The skirt was pinned in the back to highlight the silhouette and had to be unpinned so that the model could walk.  It's a cinch that Gene Marshall fans will recognize this dress.  It was the inspiration for Integrity's "It's a Cinch" Gene Marshall Dressed doll.

A Lady Knows that's It's a Cinch to look fabulous when wearing Dior!   Ashton Drake's A Lady Knows Gene (minus her bangs and given an Integrity articulated body) models the dress and earrings from It's a Cinch.  The gloves are borrowed from Fringe Festival Ivy Jordan, the hat from Bogue's Vogues, and the shoes are from Joe Tai.

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