Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blonde Lace

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For the 1937 film Angel, Travis Banton applied one of his signature trademarks of using men's clothing for women in this fabulous costume designed for Marlene Dietrich.  Dietrich often chose to wear masculine clothes off screen as well as on.  Other actresses tried to emulate her style, but few could pull it off as well as she could. 

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Here is a scene from the Ernst Lubitsch film showing Marlene Dietrich in the costume designed by Travis Banton.  Like many of the costume designers in Hollywood, Banton designed for Dietrich on and off the screen.

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Golden Gala Madra Lord looking sophisticated in the miniature version called "Blonde Lace".  The ensemble was designed by Tim Kennedy exclusively for the 1995 Ashton Drake Gene Marshall Collection.  Circa 1941.

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