Thursday, May 18, 2017

1940's Suits from My Personal Collection

What started as a modest vintage hat collection soon expanded to other accessories, and....of course tailored suits and dresses. Here are three suits from my vintage closet.

Suit labeled Rosenthal, Chicago. A second label, sewn inside the lining of the jacket, reads Tailored by Irving Rosenthal for a specific client, dated 3/23/1946. Turban style hat labeled Lamson's, Toledo Ohio.

Sadly no label in this marvelous jacket. Hat is labeled Lilly Dache along with a Marshall Field's French Room Label.

A late 40's suit with double peplum and banding detail. Paired here with a black skirt. No label.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. These suits are wonderful to look at. The color and style of #2 stands out to me. Your mannequin is quite exquisite also. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous works of art.


    1. Thanks Don. The second jacket is one of my favorites also. I purchased the vintage 1980's mannequin for a shop I used to have. Hats can be a challenge however since she is looking down. Melissa