Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Ride in the Park....Jacket Required

Victoire Roux
A vintage find....the classic, fitted, checked jacket from Barbie's "Riding in the Park" #1668 (1966-67) ensemble. A must-have for any era. Victoire Roux pulls this smart 1940's look together with the addition of a dramatic topper borrowed from Miss Gene Marshall. Jacket and scarf  are from Mattel. Fur is from P.D.Root. Hat, skirt, and jewelry are from The Couture Touch. Buenos Aires Victoire Roux is from Integrity.

A Ride in the Park


  1. Beautifully styled...I am jealous. I love every piece here. Nice work.
    Don in Seattle

    1. I usually like my 11.5" divas in 50's style fashions, but this was a fun change of pace. Thanks so much for your comment Don. Melissa