Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Red and Black Valentine's Day

Two completely different looks for that special day modeled by the stars of Monolithic Studios. Miss Gene Marshall opts for whimsy in a distinctive daytime ensemble, while Miss Madra Lord chooses a glorious cocktail dress perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Star Entrance Gene Marshall
A delightfully playful hat tops a uniquely shaped black gabardine suit guaranteed to turn heads. Suit, gloves, and earrings are from Ashton Drake. Hat and waist corsage are from The Couture Touch.

Spotted in Manhattan Madra Lord
A chic 1950's bubble dress gets the couture treatment with the addition of a black satin band at the hemline. Dress is from Ashton Drake. Gloves and jewels are from Integrity. Cigarette holder is from Mystyna. Hat is from The Couture Touch.

Christian Dior, 1959

Star Entrance Gene Marshall is from Integrity.
Spotted in Manhattan Madra Lord is from JamieShow.


  1. I love everything about these two looks but the heart shaped hat is especially gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your comment. Melissa

  2. L'amore, L'Amore....Both are lovely but I am partial to the first photo. And I love that whimsical hat ...Very nice