Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Snoods, Hoods, & Drapery

Gene Marshall
A beaded, knit beret functions beautifully as an elegant evening snood to complement Madra Lord's luscious "Jackpot" ensemble. Belle of the Ball Gene Marshall is from the 2001 Oil Baron's Ball Tulsa Gene convention. Jacket and earrings are from Ashton Drake. Beret/snood was purchased at a doll show.

Gene Marshall
Miss Marshall elevates the "Little Black Dress" to high drama with over-the-top accessorizing. Sandra Stillwell's "Cover Girl" hat gets the royal treatment with the addition of a merino wool jersey hood. The matching suede gauntlet gloves are a miniature replica of a pair in my collection. Fur from miniature furrier PD Root, purse from Robert Tonner's Brenda Starr Collection. Dress from Ashton Drake. Star Entrance Gene Marshall is from Integrity.

Madra Lord
Miss Lord is stepping out in ultimate de rigueur style to walk Fifi and Mitzi!  Her fabulous suit is accented with a bold drape of color. The platter hat from Sandra Stillwell's "Zoe" costume is updated with a royal blue, wool jersey scarf to match the suede gloves. Suit is from Robert Tonner's "Par Excellence" Brenda Starr ensemble. Booties, dogs, and chair are from Ashton Drake. Deep Rose Madra Lord is from Integrity's Stepping High Collection.

Vivian Leigh
The always stylish Miss Leigh combines a little drapery with a net snood to complement a smart fedora.

Even Rosie gets into the fashion fun with a warm knit hood.


  1. All are gorgeous. Love # 2 with the little black dress.

    1. That's my favorite too! Thank you for your comment Don. Melissa