Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Red-Hot and Black

A new way to wear the flared jacket from Sandra Stillwell's "Cover Girl" ensemble - Sleeves rolled up to form cuffs and the waist belted with the scarf from Robert Tonner's "Cashmere Noir". Worn with a pencil-slim skirt and dramatic hat, Miss Marshall is Red-Hot and Fabulous!

Jacket, purse, and shoes are from "Cover Girl" by Sandra Stillwell. Hat, gloves, and corsage (originally a hair ornament) are from Ashton Drake, The scarf, tied as an obi-like sash, is from Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth Collection. The skirt is from The Couture Touch. "Cocoa Crisp" Gene Marshall is from Integrity.


  1. Melissa, You are SO clever!!! Love what you've done to give the outfit a new look! FABU!!! Megin

    1. Thanks Megin! It's such a versatile ensemble. Melissa