Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Midnight Mischief of a Madcap Modiste

The mischief?  A madcap murder featuring a most unusual weapon - a specially designed cape with a brooch laced with poison!  Follow: A decidedly deceptive modiste (French for fashionable dressmaker) designs an evening cape that must be closed with both hands thus prompting the intended victim, a model, to put the brooch in her mouth.

The murderess or intended victim?  Victoire Roux models the late afternoon cocktail cape ensemble Midnight Mischief from Mattel's Silkstone Barbie Fashion Model Collection. The original self-bow at the neckline was replaced with a "diamond" brooch. The extravagant, high-crown, beaded and feathered pink silk hat is from The Couture Touch.


Buenos Aires Victoire Roux is from Integrity.

The Case of the Madcap Modiste from the Perry Mason series originally aired on April 30, 1960. Charles le Maire was credited for the special gowns and fashion sketches used in the episode.

Leslie Parrish tries on the cape as
Dorothy Neumann looks on. From the
Perry Mason episode, The Case of the
Madcap Modiste, 1960.


  1. Aha, a mystery, I love shows like that :-). Victoire looks divine!