Monday, September 23, 2013

The Versatile Miss Marshall

J'Adore Gene Marshall
Miss Gene Marshall, Mel Odom's latest incarnation of Monolithic Studios' iconic film star, demonstrates her style versatility spanning two decades.

The sensational slack suit and embroidered gloves from Ashton Drake's Star Wardrobe Collection are paired with the blouse accented with a chenille flower from "Fashion Plot". Accessories include the hat from "Smart Set", walking stick from "Blonde Lace", OOAK cigarette holder from Mystyna, and fabulous fur from PD Root.  Miss Marshall's size 4-5, white blonde, synthetic mohair wig called Marcel is from facetsbymarcia.

The jacket, gloves, and blouse are paired with the charcoal grey, pleated skirt from Integrity's "Daily Threads".  A wool felt, scoop-brimmed hat from The Couture Touch perfectly complement Miss Marshall's restyled blonde wig cap borrowed from Phoenix Gene Marshall. The train case is from Ashton Drake's "Fit For a Queen".

JAdore Gene Marshall is a Fashion Doll Quarterly exclusive BJD by Mel Odom & JamieShow.

Set Credits:
CED table
Telephone from "A Hot Day in Hollywood" Accessory Set

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