Monday, August 19, 2013

Autumn Forecast: Hats

Photo by Horst for Harper's Bazaar, October 1942
Two Hat Originals: made-to-order (your exact measurements, your own pick of colors) hats available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman.  Lower left - "Sunny Day" black felt bowler-style with a fringed bow of mauve-pink grosgrain and a flirt of grass-green feather.  Upper right - "Crest of the Evening" black evening head-dress of three plumes above a dramatic background veil.

Photo by Horst for Vogue, August 1, 1938
Suzy black felt "D'Artagnan" mammoth tricorn folded obliquely, trimmed with brandenburg braid.  Jewels by Boucheron.

Photo by Horst for Vogue, August 1, 1938
Round Hats, Square Shoulders:  Hat from Marjorie Dunton.  Heim's Persian lamb coat.

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