Saturday, June 4, 2011

1930's Golden Riviera

Dateline New York:  A reliable source told me that film star Madra Lord is relaxing on the Riviera and will be returning home in style by way of a luxury ocean liner.

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Madra is looking tanned and relaxed for a day of sightseeing on the Riviera.  A white, quilted, satin coat is layered over pink satin capri pants and a white blouse with a cowl drape neckline.  These pieces are from the 2008 Golden Riviera Madra Lord Dressed Doll Gift Set from Integrity.  I wasn't a fan of the original hat so I made this little white hat from one of those sailor style hats available at craft stores.  The purse and bracelet are from other outfits.

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For those chilly nights aboard ship, the white satin coat does double duty over a black velvet bias gown.  The gown is from Tonner's Award Night convention ensemble and the hat is from Joan Crawford's Cinema Siren.  The lace gloves are from Integrity's Ooh La La Gene Marshall and the earrings are from Integrity's Heat Wave Violet Waters.  Cig holder from The Couture Touch.

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Here is a closer view of the beautifully detailed coat right down to the delicate covered buttons and fabulous wing collar. 

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