Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blossoming Hats

Turban by Madame Pauline

Vogue declared for Spring 1941:  Be prepared to wear floral hats this season.  They're fresh, optimistic, and men adore them.  These delightful toppers are perfect with furs, tweeds, tailored daywear, and dinner suits. And as a final tip, spritz perfume on those blossoms, just to make believe they live.

So enjoy the 1941 flower show...

A dramatic cluster of pansies adorn this blue silk satin and purple felt turban by Lilly Dache.

Three huge garnet roses top this purple silk jersey turban by Madame Pauline. The flower-toned gloves provide the perfect accent.

A bunch of violets on a flaring snood of blue silk satin by Lilly Dache.  Again note the matching gloves.

Brown violets on a yellow straw hat with lots of veiling by Walter Florell.

Credits: Vogue, January 15, 1941
             Photos by Rawlings

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