Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Une Toque

A toque is a round brimless hat made of fabric, folded or twisted over a frame.  A style with decidedly fashion possibilities and perfectly suited for daywear as well as an informal evening on the town.

A taupe and navy knit toque accented with a navy satin ribbon nestled in marabou tops Jazz great Violet Waters' chic suit ensemble.  Hat, gloves, scarf, and jewels are from The Couture Touch.  Suit from Integrity.  Handbag is from Ashton Drake.

From sublime to simply divine....

Spring blossoms juxtaposed against a backdrop of black along with a side drape add a touch of drama to Director Ivy Jordan's fanciful toque.  Dress is from Ashton Drake.  The luxurious fur cape is from Dimitha.  Gloves are from Integrity, necklace from StrayCat, and purse from PD Root.  Hat, belt, and earrings are from The Couture Touch.

Sunset Serenade Violet Waters and V for Tea Ivy Jordan are from Integrity.

Color and Design in Apparel by Bernice G. Chambers, M.A.  Published 1945.


  1. And an emphatic tip of the chapeau to Couture Touch for such lovely head-turning work such as these! Both Miss Waters and Miss Jordan look more than marvelous! --Monsieur Érik