Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Deluxe Birthday Celebration

Monolithic Studios' star Gene Marshall wears a chic cocktail ensemble guaranteed to turn heads on her special day. Miss Marshall's "Deluxe" long, evening gown is dramatically transformed with very little sewing. Well, maybe just a smidge. The original pink bow has been replaced with a gold silk sash, fringed to reveal the same color as the dress. The two-tiered peplum becomes single by tucking the lower flounce under the upper tier. The hemline was also just folded under to the desired length.

Accessories include jewels from Michael Scott, dramatic fur from D.A.E. Originals, and gloves from Ashton Drake. The original "Deluxe" fashion, shoes, and the re-coiffed Shadow Song Gene Marshall are all from Integrity.

Happy Birthday
Miss Marshall!


  1. What ravishing colours! Miss Marshall is certainly set for a birthday fête extrordiaire...my best salutations and cheers to her, with wishes for many many more! -- Monsieur Érik

    1. Yes, many many more for sure! Thank you so much Erik. Melissa

  2. I really like this photo shoot Melissa. Yes Happy Birthday Gene.