Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fashion News from Paris

Join us for a fantasy look at two miniature style icons as seen on the editorial pages of our favorite fashion magazine.

Gene Marshall
"Wear them with flair, as a triumphant badge of individuality..."
 declares Vogue about the new bold color choices for Winter, 1936. Monolithic Studios' darling Miss Gene Marshall picks a ripe raspberry wool suit from Robert Tonner. Hat is from Sandra Stillwell, gloves are from The Couture Touch, and jewels are from Integrity. Miss Marshall's hairstyle is from Jim Gaddis.

Victoire Roux
In the early 1950's, Christian Dior moved away from his ground breaking "New Look" and opted for a slim "H" line silhouette featuring a belted jacket and pencil-thin skirt. Paris sensation Victoire Roux wears the jacket from Mattel's 2012 BFMC exclusive "Afternoon Suit" with a black wool jersey skirt. Hat and skirt are from The Couture Touch. Gloves and jewels are from Mattel. Poodle is from Randall Craig.

The Models:

  • Blush Gene Marshall, enhanced with Horsman's Vita replacement body made especially for Gene, is from Integrity.
  • Buenos Aires Victoire Roux is from Integrity.


  1. Melissa, Both dolls are gorgeous. Love Gene in this suit and those gloves are killer. Victoire is one of my favorite dolls.
    Beautiful dolls.


    1. Thank you Don! I love Victoire too. One of these days I'm going to treat myself to another one. Melissa